Monday, November 5, 2012

Re: Why I dislike Religious People

 The title of my previous post is not exactly accurate as i don't dislike religious people per se. I think religion serves a purpose, be it Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, paganism or whatever you practice. There have been studies to show that people who are religious might have a better well being or outlook on life, which is understandable, because if you "cast all your cares unto the lord" you won't worry too much about whatever problems you are dealing with and that helps you get through life easier. I understand that, and if being religious is working for you, that's fine.

However, the average church going Nigerian christian is on a kentro level. I'm not even sure where to start. Their behaviors and words that come out of their mouths is alarming. SOME of them are like sheep, senseless sheep. I'm sorry but it's the truth.

Here's who i don't like....really
  •  Fanatical Christians
  • Christians who are anything but Christlike
  • Eye service Christians
  • Church going hypocrites
  • Christians who worship their pastors
  • Christians who have lost their common sense and ability to think for themselves
  • Christians who are scared to question the status quo
  • Christians and pastors who misquote the bible to suit their own purposes
  • Christians who are scared to call out pastors and so called men of God who are obviously doing wrong
  • Christians who mix paganism, superstition and traditional beliefs with the bible
  • Christian who think anyone who is different from them, doesn't believe what they believe is doomed for hell
  • Christians who look down on people because they think they are so holy...(re: This comment is for believers only *rollseyes*. I saw that mess on Myne's blog). Who do u think you are? 
I could go on and on, but you get my point. If you fit into any of this category, you need to go back to the drawing board, which in this case is your bible. Think about what Jesus would do and make christianity a religion people would want to be a part of instead of running away from.

I need to take the time to talk about my church in Nigeria unfortunately i am being worked like a dog this month. How am i already carrying 4 patients less than a week of starting. Hours are 7am - 6.30pm (earliest). I was dreaming when i thought we were out by 5pm. I was there until 8pm one time and it seems like that's going to be the story for the rest of the month. We don't even get a lunch break, as we are supposed to attend noon conference everyday. Like, seriously, no! At least they allow us to eat during noon conference.
I have a millions things to read about tonight, as one of my attendings is a pimp master.


  1. lol @ kentro level, haven't heard that in awhile.

    pele you'll soon be done and start earning mega cash as an awesome doctor. All the money i'm paying for your school fees must not waste so focus my friend! :P

  2. I read the last post and I wish you addressed the comment from Nollywood Reinvented because she/he kind of tried to offer a biblically accurate perspective. That being said I can't stand all the kinds of Christians you listed above. Good luck with rotations.

  3. Stingiiiiii. Leave Christians alone. Focus on yourself and Christ and Stop worrying about anybody. If u want to start peaking into the NAIJA Christians and their ways, u'll lose all hope in Christ. What I would like for you is navigate your way back to God and come off the fence so u dont fall off like humpty dumpty.

  4. I don't like these people either. Good luck with school, and try not to less the stress get to you too much. Be good!

  5. its not in ur place to call out a man of God.. read ur bible properly and understand wot spiritual authority is.. if he/she was truly called by God, allow God deal with dem..not u... ders a curse dat comes wit calling out God's ministers.. be careful.. christianity is a personal race..

  6. Off to find the previous post!


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