Thursday, November 1, 2012

Pink Ballot

Thank you guys soooo much for all the birthday wishes. I really enjoyed reading your lovely comments, it was the high point of my day which was pretty much meh.... I had run away from facebook a couple of days before because i didn't want to deal with the HBD, LLNP which i think is the most annoying thing ever plus, i don't like all that plenty attention. This was the third year in a row that i have purposefully left facebook before my birthday. My friends still call me anyway so it's all good.

Instead of using to pick a winner for the ebook giveaway, i decided to do a pink ballot just cos i'm a baus :) and the winner is..........

 I saw this on facebook yesterday and it took me a good minute to remember what it's called (the pink and green fruit). Then i forgot again just now but it came to me.I only liked eating the pink ones and just the skin, didn't care of the seeds at all.

Pepperfruit and cherry (the orange on in the back). What do you guys call these?

I just started my medicine clerkship today. Guess who they put on the transplant team? Me! There's one resident, one intern and one med student on the team, plus the attendings of course. I have heard that transplant is a difficult service to be on. Long hours, plenty of work *Deep breath*. We see lung, liver and kidney transplant patients. These are not only patients who just had a transplant or are about to, in addition to those patients, anyone who has ever had a transplant and has subsequent medical issues is put on the team. The patient i got assigned to today, came in for abdominal pain and fever, (she had a transplant in 2001) but she has 22 other chronic illnesses and has over 20 medications she takes on a daily basis. I was just weak. The whole thing gave me a headache. Can i go back to peds please, where the patients just had one illness, please God?! Please?

I get 4 days off the entire month, so that comes out to 6 days straight on from 7 am - 5pm when i'm not on call and till 8pm when i'm on call. I get every Sat off which is something to look forward to. Hopefully i can still blog, if not, then u'll see me when u see me. I have SOOOO many things i would like to blog about but there's really no time and i can't add blogging to the list of work i have to do cos that won't be fun but i had to put up this post to say thanks for the birthday wishes which i sincerely appreciate and announce the winner of the ebook. Miss Mikki email me so i can can send you the ebook. I have so much to do, but i will be taking a nap before anything else cos i am exhausted. They didn't even use their church minds to give us a break between clerkships.



  1. Happy Birthday (It's never too late).

    The patient's situation just reminded me of how blessed I am.

    As for those fruits, I call them pepper fruit and agbalumo, udara or cherry.

  2. Happy Belated Birthday :)

    You're not the only one, I detest HBD, LLNP & co! Aaarrggghhhh!!!

    The orange ones at the back - agbalumo. Not sure of the ones in front, they don't look familiar.

  3. Ok, i have never seen the pepper fruit before

  4. Chai! It's gonna be busy for you, but am sure u'll enjoy it, u'll av so much 2 learn from and so many stories to tell. It'll also help u appreciate life and good health. Wish u all the best. Stay blessed.

  5. I know those fruits, have forgotten the local name now. Happy November and congrats to Mikki.

  6. pepper fruit and agbalumo/cherry!!!!!!!!

    its been years i had either :(

  7. Oh my goodness! I had to save the picture of the fruits to send to my sisters. Ako (Pepperfruit) and Otien (Cherry)! Pepperfruit!!!!!! We actually had a tree growing up. We probably still have it, I have to ask my mom. Where did you find these? Glad you had a good day on your seems to be jabbing you a bit at the is a good thing you enjoy what you are doing, it helps.

  8. YAY!!! OMG I'd Like to thank the Academy!!

    Glad we could make you smile on your birthday.
    I have never seen nor heard of pepperfruit before today but the orange cherry was/is my favorite.. itws local name is agbalumo.

    not to go off topic but i read a medical thriller about a woman was being hunted by a man because she was implanted with the heart of his ex-wife's lover.


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