Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Black or White?

Sister to 3 yr old niece: Are you black or white?
Niece: (Confused look) I AM brown!

LOL....that was the exact text i got this evening. I thought it was hilarious and it made my day. Kids are so precious and innocent.

Anyone who can hurt a child is from and of the devil.


  1. Yeah, me and my niece had the same convo. She's actually more beige than brown but i let her have her moment lol.

  2. Children are just precious and adorably innocent.My daughter thinks she is brown too just like Dr. McStuffin.

  3. My sister says that too. she is brown not Black. shes very specific for an eight year old

  4. I am also not a fan of the black tag. Love that kids are tilting that way, or maybe it's just until they grow up and society dictates how things work :(

  5. white people are more often than not tanned
    black people are actually brown
    and brown people alternate between black, brown, and tanned

    ....the world is confused


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