Sunday, November 18, 2012

I hate med school

I think the absolute best thing about me and the reason why i am still relatively sane is my ability to laugh at myself. I actually had a good chuckle when i played this back. I sound like a hopeless goat. 


  1. Aww, I want to say I feel your pain but I guess no one who hasn't gone through it can claim that they do (*checks grammar* *not so sure of its correctness but I shall proceed*)

    Please don't be sick of it o, you are kind of my semi-inspiration in more ways than you can ever know

  2. Aww, Dr. Sting.
    pls be strong. I second Nollywood R. you are inspiring :-)
    Pls be strong.
    Will say a prayer for you tonight.

  3. Awww hung in there dear. You will get there. Soon.. Big hug

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  5. Madame Sting, this made me laugh. I guess it's cause I can relate a little. During my own trial and tribulations (not in med school though), even the sound of the clock in the library made me want to just run outside and scream!

    Good thing you can listen to this and chuckle too...

    You will make it through. You got this far. Just take it each day as it comes and tell those challenges "I senior you." LOL... Hope you have a good week!

  6. Dame Sting(love the way this sounds),you know even when at one moment you shout,kick and want to dunk the whole med sch ish into the next waste bin,the next moment duty calls and you pick your yet 'unwilling' self up and go through the day.
    Babe that inner strength that helps you do that is a gift.
    Just hold on to it.
    *big hug*

  7. Regular vs golden weekend!

    And you will get through- you are made of stuff that survivors are made of. me and you and many others.

    I was actually laffing silently as i listened to your sensible monologue. I feel you through and through and at this moment I feel as used as u do - work wise - and I'm not even doing sth as noble as medicine. Weekends are golden for me too. The odd 6 weekends I get every year but my dear the big picture - unplug. Take the luxury and unplug if you feel so wound up! Everyone will be thanking you for it later - even you.

  8. H*Hugs, hugs, hugs* hang in dere honey.

  9. lol! gosh i didn't even finish listening but girl sounds like the story of my life with a twist. I'm in nursing school and i love it but man the 8hr and 12 hr clinical shifts on WEEKENDS can make someone shed weight on the unit! My friends don't understand my life..they think am forming 'busy woman'. Ohwell! it is well, think about the results, the enjoyment, the accomplishment at the end. My dear that is how i console myself. Envision the light at the end of the tunnel lol


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