Monday, November 26, 2012

Butt grabber

So we have this patient who has a reputation of grabbing nurses' butts. When i first heard about him, I asked if he was an old man cos i figured he might have some undiagnosed dementia or something. Why else would you be grabbing people's butt. Anyhoo, i had never seen the patient cos i don't follow him and the attending we have now likes to do computer rounds, so we don't go from room to room as is usually done. From the patients name i thought he was chinese or something. It's a 3 letter last name, so it was a random assumption not that the name actually sounds asian.

Anyway, yesterday my resident asked me if i had met this patient and i said no. She asked me to go see him that's he is very nice and sweet and was proud of her cos she's a doctor and that he says his daughter is just a pharmacist and he wants her to go to med school. I was like what does he mean, she's just a pharmacist, na beans? Then she's like,  you should go talk to him, he's Nigerian. I was like o! Meanwhile, i had forgotten the butt grabbing tales.

I went to talk to him, he was very pleasant. Very Nigerian, father like and all that.Good conversation talking about Nigeria and all that. Never in a million years would i associate him with butt grabbing, so i didn't even remember all through the conversation, until today when someone mentioned it again. I was just like, why, ehn?! Little daddy pervert and he's not that old, at least i don't consider 72 to be that old.


  1. Ha. Old people do silly things a lot! dont be decieved by their looks!

  2. lol. he is old and maybe thats just his way of catching

  3. What do you mean, 72 is old o, LOL...

    1. Seriously? Maybe something is wrong with my thinking cos i don't think 72 is that old. I mean, you are getting on in years but is it really old?

      You are not considered a geriatric patient until you are in your 80's. Someone correct me if i'm wrong.

  4. I had a patient like that..Dude had a trach, grabbed my butt and was smiling..You need to hear me scream, i didnt even care i was in the hospital..Like when did my butt turn to side rails?


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