Thursday, November 3, 2011

Names and Perception

So last week, as i was looking through my notes, i noticed we were scheduled to have a few lectures by someone name Dr. Cashdollar. I was like, "what! This can't be someone's real name". So i said to one my friends "I bet it's a black man". No seriously, what kind of name is Cashdollar if it's not a made up name.

So let's play this game (which i was supposed to play with you guys last week before i actually knew the answer). Based just off the last name, what race do you think Dr. Cashdollar is?

I eventually got to see the guy and when he was introducing himself, all i really wanted to know was the origin of his name but of course he didn't say anything about that. I still believe it's a made up name. No one can tell me otherwise.

I don't appreciate this being on call thing. I had to wake up real early and get ready, just in case we were paged. I hate not knowing cos it's messing with my schedule. Obviously, since i'm sitting here blogging, we were not paged and i don't have class until 10am. The good thing is i'm up and ready and had a great start to my day. I really want to wear sweatpants to class today, but i can't bring myself to commit that sin. There was a time when i did worse, back in the day. However, this does not mean i dress up to class. Not at all. I try my best to look decent.

Life is really what you make of it and i firmly believe happiness is a choice. But i will be the first to admit that that can be the hardest choice to make. It's so easy to say but hard to do. 6 more weeks left in the semester, and i have exams on 4 out of the 6. Wickedness, i tell ya!

Don't forget to tell me what you think of Dr. Cashdollar and i will be back to update you guys on the answer.

P.S My cousin had a friend named Freedom, and i was so fascinated by the name back then.

Contrary to popular opinion, Dr. Cashdollar turned out to be an older (generic) white male. Surprise, surprise. I really wish i could ask him how he got that name.


  1. the name is so unusual it's possible it's not a black person. Interesting name though.
    What was worse than wearing sweat pants to class?

  2. Black...he just has to be...or at least some serious whit ghetto things are going on

    Dr. Sting...Good luck with every o....x

  3. I bet on Black jare. As per the dressing up thing. you should come and give a symposium to the oyinbos in my school. I mean, these shireen wear pajamas to class!!! Pajamas!!! if your professor can go the whole nine yards to look decent to class, why cant you make an effort (at least, that's my reasoning)

  4. Maybe Nigerian immigrant, lol...I recently heard of a Nigerian pastor named Sign Fireman, so don't blame me...

  5. Cashdollar??? Na wa o. I'm gonna go with the majority here and say black.

    LOL @Myne's comment. I also found Pastor Sign Fireman's name interesting.

  6. LOL, yeah CashDollar is pretty bad. There is no way that's a real name, nooo way at all. If the guy is indeed black then he must be a talented intructor to have a shot at a teaching position with a name like that. Serious, I can only imagine a sparkling smile with a few gold teeth, with a dollar sign on it, a few heavy chains with dollar pendants, and a blingy belt. Maybe some sort of born again Little Wayne. Really not sure what to think. A Davonte Smith or a Jamar Williams could bear more credibility than CashDollar. What's his first name???

  7. Hahah! I don't even know how to relate to the namee! Hilarious!

    Sweat Pants? cringe! I don't even own a pair but to class! horrible. nothing can be worse!


  8. Probably a Black guy?? Lol! Don't you know pajama bottoms are in right now? :p

    Muse Origins

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  10. Dr CashDollar ko, Prof NairaPound ni! forwhere? na fakename jo.

    I am sure he is a naija owambe doctor. ( yeh! I hope he cant see ur blog o!) lol

    *Abimbola Dare

    * ur blog wont let me post using my wordpress account! strange.

  11. @Msluffa: I'll tell you what's worse. Not taking a shower, tying a bandana over uncombed hair, wearing sweatpants and boots :) and all this did not happen on one day. In my defense, those where times of extreme stress (usually during exams) when i had no control over my life at that time. I used to joke with my friend and say, they should be happy i even wore clothes to school today.

    I don't do that anymore o. I have better control over the situation. I used to be comfortable wearing sweatpants to school in first year, but not anymore. Most people at least have on jeans (First and 2nd years). Third and fourth year, you have to dress up since you are going to the hospital.

    So yeah, there are worse things than wearing sweatpants and a few of my classmates wear pjs to school during exams. A very small minority.

  12. I would have gone with black like it seems we are all guilty of stereotyping pple.

    pele about the unscheduled call duty. All the best as always..

  13. Ok, Mr Cashdollar is an old white dude, but is that his real name? Anybody knows the etymology of "cash" and "dollar"?

  14. Beautiful speedup,it's so sweet and beautiful to read such a spectacular post,i'm grateful.

  15. Hahahaha @ Cashdollar. I would have guessed right o. I was thinking along the lines of an old white man for sure before I saw your update :)

    First time on your blog and ffg


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