Monday, November 21, 2011

Favorite things

The year is about to be over, it might as well be over for me. This year has FLOWN by and i love it!!! Love it. I need it to keep flying by cos i would like to get done with this medical school business. Then i will whine about residency, and whine about fellowship (if i do that, have no clue at this point), so the road is long and i need it to keep moving. My goal is to take time to actually LIVE while all this other school stuff is going on, i just have to find a balance.

So i'm taking the evening off, mainly because i have this stupid stress headache and we actually get three days "off" this week. I'm not even going to talk about this thanksgiving holiday because if i list all the work i have to have done before next week Monday ehn?!, you will be sorry for me. I'm actually sorry for myself. Mind you, there's a psychiatry final exam jejely waiting for us next week Tuesday o! Mscheww....

Anyhoodle, main point of this post is to list my favorite things of 2011. Little info about me....I'm not into things! So if you are expecting a list of name brand clothes, shoes and what not, you will be sorely disappointed. So without further ado (i'm such a dork :), here are my favorite things of 2011.

  • Coupons: Where have you been all my life? I can't believe i used to throw those things away. I thought only housewives used coupons and back in the day (when i worked and was rolling in dough or not ;) i couldn't imagine myself ever handing a coupon to a cashier. Like, so not cool. Well, welcome to the kindgom of Brokedom. Using coupons suddenly looks very good. Biggest save so far was $7. LOL. That happened today actually and i was very happy with myself. It's the simple things, i tell ya!
  • Toothpaste dispenser: I went home this summer and saw this cool contraption in the bathrooms and i was like, warrisdis? Pretty cool. I always had to fight to squeeze my toothpaste into my toothbrush holder and most times i just give up and leave it on the sink. The night before i came back to school, my mom decides to bless me with this and some other cool stuff, like a no touch hand soap dispenser which i don't really use but like. I love my tooth paste dispenser!!! I don't have to squeeze toothpaste anymore, all i do is push and voila, toothpaste on my toothbrush. I know, i'm from the stone age. Welcome to the 21st century. Thank you. I'm glad to be here.

  • Arm and hammer scrub free bathroom cleaner: Seriously, you guys.....this thing is a miracle and a miracle worker rolled in one. Ehn?!!! They were not playing when they said "No scrub". So someone who shall forever and ever remain nameless, had not washed her bathtub for a month + (we'll leave it at that), so one bright and early morning as she prepared to rush off to school she was like, "Hmmm...let's see what's underneath the bathroom sink" since she really didn't enjoy and could no longer tolerate the dirty bathtub . She sprayed the arm and hammer scrub free thingy and in less than 10 minutes her bathtub was sparkling white. All you have to do is rinse with water. It was a miracle. No scrub for real. Loves it!!!
I got a new one today and it's no longer yellow. It's now in a white container.
  • Texas toast seasoned croutons: Who eats a salad just for the croutons? I do. Firstly, i think croutons are the best thing the french invented. (Did the french really invent croutons? I don't know, it just felt good to say it :) Texas toast seasoned croutons is the business! End of story!!! I am a very picky eater believe it or not, both by choice and not by choice, so it's hard for me to find things that my palate (ha ha!) agrees with. I can't stand their other flavors, although i've only tried one other one (Ceasar) and that one literally made me throw up, and then brush my tongue and lick a candy to take out the taste. Nothing disgusts me more than the taste of garlic. The names of the other flavors are enough to make me run the other direction, except for cheddar cheese but still, i love the seasoned one and i will stick to it.

  • HTC Sensation:  Remember in August i asked you guys what phone to get? Well, i ended up with this phone. I know i started off by saying i'm not into things, but i am into this phone like white on rice. It wasn't love at first, second, third or fourth sight but i am completely in love with this phone 3 months later and it keeps growing. This phone is all kinds of awesome. I just keep finding new cool stuff about it every single day. No joke. A lot of times it's by mistake and i'm like cool beans. Yeah, i can't tell you how much i love this phone. The battery life sucks majorly but i get around that easily because i'm not always yapping away on my phone plus i'm either home or in school so i can easily charge it. It can get a little buggy and do an abnormal reset, but it hasn't done that in a while. Other than that, this phone is awesome, i just find myself loving it more everyday but i still HATE T-mobile. I will never, ever, ever, ever renew my contract with them every again. Those freaking tricksters. 2013 can't get here soon enough, but that's not what this is about. 
  • My 2 year old niece: But she's not a thing, she's a person and she's cute and awesome and i love her SO much. I miss her everyday and think about her antics whenever i'm having a bad day. She amazes me. She's starting to talk a lot now and i'm in awe. She's awesome, she really is. She's a joy and a blessing and a savior to my family. For the record, she's not my only niece. I have a grand total of 9 nieces and nephews. But she is our baby. What a joy! I think about her whenever i hear about any kind of cruelty to children and i can't imagine how someone could hurt a child. I cannot imagine. They are so precious and innocent. 

There you have it. My favorite things of 2011. What were your favorite things of 2011? Feel free to share.

Yay! I made it to 11pm. I can go to bed now :) Speaking of going to bed, I slept on my bed yesterday for the 2nd time this month. Firstly, i had a difficult time falling asleep even though i was really tired and sleepy, secondly when i finally slept, i had a nightmare!!! I woke up and was pissed about it, like WTH?! So i'm back on my couch. My pillow top mattress can be sleeping on itself since it obviously doesn't want me to sleep on it. o_O

***My friend gave me YAM...Happiness! I've even yam less than 10 times in the 9 years i have been in this country. My favorite food in Nigeria was boiled yam and egg stew. I no longer have a favorite food.

*It's 3am and i'm still awake when i really want to be asleep because a) I have an 8.15am lecture tomorrow and b) I have a bad stress headache. Is this a case of insomnia or are the gods of my ancestors just punishing me? 


  1. Yam is totally awesome!!! And your bed is just evil!!

  2. I'll be trying out the Arm and Hammer, I like scrub free :)

    As for the toothpaste thingy, are you for real? LOL...

  3. Oh yam. I remember in Chicago, we tried to keep the Sunday morning yam and egg sauce tradition. Work when we weren't broke. No naija stores around you?

    I shud make a list too.

  4. (What happened to my comment?!)

    Oh yam. In Chicago, we tried to keep the Sunday morning yam amd egg sauce tradition, when we weren't broke sha. No naija grocery stores close to you?

    I should make a list too...

  5. Isha funny enough my friend got the yam from Chicago. There are no stores that sell yams around these parts o.

  6. I...LOOOOOOOOOOVE Texas Toast Croutons!!! (not seasoned though, the cheese garlic ones)

  7. Hahahah... I am on some major extreme couponning levels so I feel


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