Saturday, November 26, 2011

Glimpse - Peep this!

Went to dinner with, might i add. My plate cost $21.99. Chicken something cordon bleu at some place that has crab in its name (I obviously wasn't paying attention). Just got home and i'm incredibly sad. Not sure why.

Good food!
Enjoy my "photograph" while it lasts. It shall be taken down when the spirit deems fit sometime tomorrow or i might just replace it with a blurrier one :)

Good night bloggies and hello Psychiatry. I have 6 more lectures to go tonight. Wawawewa!

*Just remembered the name of the restaurant. It's Crawdaddy. I don't know why i thought it had crab in it's name. I guess in my mind craw = crawfish = crab?! o_O

***Was i drunk yesterday? I thot the picture was blurrier that it actually was. I've been exposed. Ye!
**** My food cost $19.99. I really wasn't paying attention plus i didn't pay for it cos if i did, i would have remembered. Anyhoo, i mention it cos i think it's just too expensive to eat out with any sort of regularity at least for me. Unless it's fast food and i can count on one finger (not one hand) how many times i have eaten fast food this year. I just have no interest. 


  1. HAAA! Look at Madam Sting. Wow. It's nice to see what you look like. Not anything like I'd have imagined.

  2. I'm tempted to asked what you

  3. Sting! you are look like YNC

    Yummy food

  4. Now I'm hungry, aha! a pic of you. Even with the blur you still look good. We'd catch you one of these days, we have something to work with, lol..

  5. that a pout i see?
    You look like a baby!!!!
    I agree with you jare Coy~ introvert

  6. See madam the madam. You are pretty oh.

  7. You are pretty much :). Hummm... the chicken looks creamy.

  8. @Unveiling: Na film trick. Do not be deceived :) Thank u sha, i will collect the compliment.

    @coy: Haba! I don pick race o.

    Honeydame: Are u indirectly directly saying i don't look like a madame? Hellloooo, look again. Baby kini?

    @Lara: LOL...It's a matter of cash. Thanks

    @Foodie: Thanks much :) The chicken was good. It had ham stuffed in it, topped with pecan cream cheese.....

  9. Hiss. Now I just feel late for not seeing the pishure

  10. Yepa! I missed your pishure. Mehn!

  11. oya take a deep step at a time. Your post just made me laugh and i'm really not sure what comment i'm supposed to make...:)


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