Friday, November 11, 2011


Moving on to much lighter, drama free things :))

What are these dresses made of? 

Found more thanks to the power of the de google. HERE

 Starting next week Monday, i have exams for the next 3 weeks (including the week of thanksgiving), then i get a week without exams and the next week is finals in which there is a cumulative final involved in that mess. As much as i find blogging therapeutic and use it as an outlet in a bid to hang on to my sanity, i need to focus 100% on school, so everything is being put on the back burner, especially dealing with people. I literally just finished dealing with the craziness of my schizophrenic friend (no joke, true story), who went from wanting to marry me, to calling me a whore and a slut, then the jealous girlfriend saga. I think i've had enough. These people need to leave me alone.

I had a dream that involved me, grades and dean's office which = bad dream. Got to focus.

Note to self: Let's try to have a PEACEFUL, drama free, zen, I-love-my-life, rest of the year. Please and thank you.

*I'm sure i'll blog every now and again. I can never stay away :)
**10 points to anyone who correctly guesses what those dresses are made of. Unfortunately, you can't use the points for anything, but you get them anyway.


  1. Funny idea with the dresses! As long as they are not used O_O !! Good luck with your academic trials. See you on the other side.

  2. Condoms darling Condoms....I laughed at them

    Sorry about exams on the weekend of fattened, scrumptious turkey...(I now...I'm evil...sometimes...but cammmon it's FOoD!) so sorry

    All the best...x

  3. P.s. Goodluck on your exams!!!
    I just returned from my academic hiatus as well!!

  4. Condoms?! And this is supposed to be creativity??...mchew!!!

  5. Condoms?! WTH?! when i saw one with newspapers, i tot i had seen it all. smh

    All d best with exams darl. *hugs*

  6. Lol condoms seen them before goodluck in ur exams

  7. All of you are spoilt children. How did you know? I didn't know they were condoms when i first saw the picture. They were in the last slide in our HIV lecture and i was sitting there thinking why the professor put pictures of dresses in the slides.

    I figured it out though, lol.

    As for you Tega, I have no words. I'll just pretend there's no thanksgiving and i'll be fine. Lock myself at home and study. Sounds like a plan, abi :(

  8. D dress-Hmmm some designer must have been having plenty noisy nights there!

    Oooh just reading the drama posts!!!I've been awol too long!!Haha!100% in support of ur sorting her out!

  9. Ewwwwwwwwwwww These dresses are just so wrong


  10. lol...what a waste of condoms!! imagine how many new std transmissions that could have been prevented.

    Though those colors could emasculate a

  11. Sounds like a plan o Sting... :)


  12. Hey there, wishing you good luck. Hope you come out with flying colours(that's how they used to say it when I was in Nigeria).

  13. Thank you Nekky :) I hope to breeze through with flying colors.

  14. LOL, i love the creativity... sorry HoneyDame, i know u dont!
    Another Versatile Blogger Award from me to you Madame Sting!!


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