Monday, March 28, 2011

Last Bus Stop

I was talking to a friend the other day and she mentioned something about "last bus stops". Used in this context (for the uninitiated aka people not in the know), last bus stop means you have met the person you are going to marry.

So this question is really for the married, engaged or people who are at their last bus stops. How did you know you were at your last bus stop? Did you meet the guy or girl and just know (or should i say hope)? I think for most Nigerian girls of "marriageable" age *cough, cough* (A lot of people's mothers won't let them see road until they bring someone home), they hope everyone they meet is their last bus stop, especially when the pressure is mounting. If that was the case with you, then don't worry. I understand that you were forced strongly encouraged into your last bus stop.

For those of you who went there naturally, how did you know he was the one!!!!!? I'm not talking about dating for however long and deciding. I'm talking about people who just meet someone and declare in their minds, to the person, or to their friends that they have met the one aka they are at their last bus stop.

Oya, spill the beans. Initiate the uninitiated.


  1. lol...cute.
    I hate to use the clique am sure you've heard many times before...but yea, YOU JUST KNOW. He might not necessary be the closet to perfection you've been with, or best looking, this or that. Something inside of you will ease you in. You have this inner peace even if y'all argue till the roof come off! lol not that it will be jolie jolie o but no longtime wahala. every problem, disagreement is just glides~~~~.
    If you even for a little bit have doubts or fear, it is for a very short period. PRAYER IS THE KEY O my sister!

  2. Mrs Newlywed is right, i experienced it for the first time a year ago, n in a month or even less, we were acting like we've known each other forever. As much as i expect any sort of friendship to diminish after a while, its been stronger ever since ... i hope thats my last bustop

  3. Hummmm..... me too I want to know :).... but wait oo, how do you know it's last bus stop for BOTH of you, I mean it might be her last stop but not his 0_O

  4. there is this "INNER PEACE" that you would have.
    just as "mrs newly wed" wrote "something inside of you will ease you in"
    but the fact is that, reaching the last bus stop is like "shopping in a dark market".

  5. still on the bus
    dont even know where to get off lol

  6. hehehehhehehe...doesnt apply to me as it took decision on my part. Perhaps I should ask YY cos he claims it was natural for him...*shrug, whatever that means!*

    @BBB which town/city is your bus traveling? Lagos? Head straight for Olorunsogo o...Surulere is a loooong thing o...jst kidding.

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  8. lol @ BBB
    Mrs. Newlywed captured it. u just know. I knew even before we met cos our relationship started thru various communication methods b4 we met.

    most times, some ladies decide to extend the 'bus ride' beyond the last bus stop. meanin, some throw the husbands away by treating them as boyfriends.
    Sorry i cant explain what i mean, but i have seen it happen too many times when they play hard to get.

    my husband always tell me how grateful he is he didnt 'walk' when i told him i was expensive to maintain. he decided to try his luck and discovered I was just hyping.

    then again, my biggest conviction that it was my last bus stop, was the God factor. it takes the grace of God. I had just decided on a deeper journey with God when future husband and I started communicating and later realised not only was he born again, he is a member and worker in a church I attended once and decided the church was also my final bus stop.

  9. I would like to say I felt some inner peace and I just knew ...but that would be lying.
    I was young and impatient so I wouldnt have recognised real love, even if it slapped me in the face.
    However, he said he knew I was the one. I came to realise he was the one after I almost lost him.

  10. lol according to my mum, she jst knew he(my papa) was the one cos he was different from the regular toasters. U can tell when a guy is genuinely interested in taking it to the nxt level. If the guy is mature and seems like he's ready to settle down,(and the feeling is mutual), then you're probably at your "last bus stop"lol.

  11. ngwanu as per everyone's saying let us "singlu" ladies keep an eye out for that "inner peace" so that we can now become "plural" kwa abi?

  12. @naijamum: thanks for your post. wld like to hear that story sometime

    I think BBB captured my sentiments lol - only that i still dey bustop dey chop gala as I dey wait for my bus lol

  13. lol @ Okon, so you never even enter bus? Interesting.

  14. lol @ at all these posts.
    I think I have the saddest one to share but then again who knows. I could just copy what everyone said about inner peace and "just knowing" and feel like u've known someone for years when u've been with them for a day. Now we have been for 8 years and everything is hanging in a very, very thin thread and I Honestly wonder how we'll make it through this time :-\ I wish there was only one last bus stop for me and still hope so. Life is no joke and takes a toll on people. In my case I feel that is what is ripping us apart. But what you gonna do when the other person is willing to let shit tear you up? Even no matter how hard u hold on, it might never be enough.

    Sting, I can seei missed a lot of getting stressed cuz i wanna read them soon soon lol. I wrote a post today inspired by ur post about sleazy women.

    Hope the week is going fine sting!

  15. In my own case, after all the jigi-jigi, it was the aftermath of a disagreement that did it. I liked what I saw, my brain was feeling his, his heart was calling mine, yet I would have walked away cos, I didn't really see marriage in my future. What changed my mind? Hmmm...not a lot of men see women as equals [in ALL things] but he did. This particular episode pushed my pet peeve to the limit, but he jump am pass!

    Voila! My last bus stop.

  16. I enjoyed reading everyone's comments oh. Ive always asked how people KNOW, this inner peace i no understand. Im still on bus sha, dunno when I go reach the last bus stop. I hope soon, cos all my friends don park their buses And I pray i have inner peace when i do reach that stop. I dont want to walk to the alter chanting "are we there yet?"lol

  17. ....everyone saying 'u just have that "feeling"...'..
    people like us that have had that "feeling", over and over and over we decide to fashie d bus ride and begin use leg waka?

  18. Just here to read comments...can't contribute to this......

  19. hmmm so many lovely ladies still on the bus. oya o make una reach my bus stop abeg. Sting hook me up!

  20. Truthfully, as men.... We know this is the girl we want to marry, right from the beginning... the only thing is, would the girl Agree for me? or would the girl do something completely outragoeus or crazy that would make you reconsider? but for the most part, we do know.

  21. very interesting comments...I've come back twice just to read the comments...don't really know what to add...there'll be different ways of knowing for different people...but I guess ultimately if u feel @ peace with the idea of getting and staying married to this person TILL DEATH DO YOU PART, then go for it.

  22. Heeheheheheheh so true..
    You said it all..
    Its just when you say the guy is your last busstop, you confess it too oh.. Until it becomes a reality..
    Omo, the journey isnt easy at all .
    Its a while here..
    Glad to know you're okay..

  23. AhA!

    Mine's a bit different. I could always tell who wasn't my last bus it was more or less elimination mode.


    Of course God gives the answer, you just have to listen.

  24. think this question is not for me...i would be lying if i said I JUST KNOW!....we dated, fell in love & one day, we were just chatting & he said we are great together, yeah, i you think we should marry [considering he is a muslim & yoruba while am a xtain & edo}...ok, i said.. you believe it would work out due to our major differences? ...i dunno, lets just do our best... both of our parents objected of course, but we talked them into agreement, hence, *all hands were placed on deck to make sure we sailed our ship smoothly across storms of life so as not to hit the rock.*

  25. Oh Girl, this is EXACTLY my problem with getting married. How do you know that there isn't someone else you'll fall for in the near future sef? How do you know he's the one? Heh! Let me read the comments and see



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