Saturday, March 5, 2011

Bliss + Love = Smile :)

Dulce de leche Cheesecake

Cheesecake....The one thing that's guaranteed to make me happy (at least for the 5-10 minutes it takes me to eat it.  These are pictures from different cheesecake factory runs. I've had like 3 Dulche de Leche cheesecakes in a month. 2 courtesy of my sister from another mother. Thank God for friends who know you love cheesecake :) I know, I'm a cheesecake mafia. My sister was accusing me of being addicted to cheesecake. I don't know what she's talking about. Do you?

Med school is a torture camp disguised as a learning institution. I have 15 lectures and 4 labs to learn like the back of my hand before Monday. I'm still on lecture 5. No, i'm not slow, one lecture is at least 11 pages and i can't just read like i'm reading a novel. I need to read, understand and memorize. Ha! My life.

3.20am back to the grind. I probably won't be able to blog until the end of next week. Feel free to roll ur eyes at me, you know i'm full of shit. :)

I know i'm full of shit too ;)

I still love you though. Muah


  1. good luck with your reading, those cheese cakes are attractive

  2. ha! so you tok b4 oooo, now you dey update! with cheese!..abeg no mess near me ooo..hahahaha..i nick-name you cheesy sting!..hehehe

    goodluck you hear?..dem no fit wound you at all at dey gddibam!

  3. i hate anything with cheese on it :/
    yea we know u're full of shit :) lol jk

  4. ***rolling my eyes and actually saying, you are full of shit*****
    hahahahah cheesy sting..
    buh that cheesecake looks yummy tho..ow far na, sting... se make I send the addy? Do they make home delivery? We can tag it.."I-am-nice-day"

  5. now i'm hungry...... all the best luv

  6. yum yum....should give it a try

  7. and I still love you too. Damn you for making me guilty about not studying my own! Lol. And what am I eating? Fudge. Ahhhh you made my mouth watery when you posted those pictures. Good luck though MUAH

  8. Those cakes should read Alert!! heart attack waiting to


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