Thursday, March 3, 2011

Guess whose blog posts were featured in an Italian magazine?!!!

So, i was contacted last year by the editor of this magazine about putting a couple of my blog posts in the January edition of " Here" magazine. They ended up going with the post i put up about getting my helix pierced and one i talked about how watching Jim and Pam's wedding on the office making me want to get married :) I can't link to those posts cos they went down when i "re-vamped" this blog (come to think of it, i have over 300 posts saved in draft. I'm glad i did it now :) Anyway. here's the link to the site. You have to pay to get the magazine, but it becomes free on the net January 2012. I don't have a copy of it. I have to look into getting that.


P.S. Apparently i really can't stay off blogsville. 1 exam down, 2 to go. Keep praying for me. You guys are awesome. No doubt! Muah!


  1. This geh!!! You are now international o! Italian magazine!!!uhm!! So that's your justification for updating ehn?! ok, we have heard you oya....shoo**with broom in hand**

  2. yeeee lucky you. congs. should get a copy and keep for the kids to see when they get here

  3. Congrats, you really should get a copy. :)

  4. congrats to you,
    you should get a hard copy for your self soon you know

  5. woow..that's maajor!..congrats :)
    oh and what honeydame said :p

  6. Nice. congrats dear, its not an easy something. All the best in your exams : )

  7. oh congrats love
    u shud totally get a copy of it

  8. Congratulations and goodluck on your exams!

  9. Hope your exams are going well babe. God will continue to on your strengthen your body and your mind.

    And congrats on your famous-ness. Lol.


  10. Congratulations on getting published! That's pretty darn awesome!

  11. Woohoo!!!!
    How cool is that.
    I'm jealous.

    Congratulations girl.

    Oya hanlele back to your books.

  12. Wow, congratulations! That's really cool!
    This is my first time here and I love your blog. I almost never want to leave! Great job!


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