Saturday, August 28, 2010




  1. LMAO. is that what you think of love.

  2. Buhahahahahaha! Anything that has love always catches my sha *sigh* real love shouldn't hurt....just make sure it's a mutual feeling.

  3. I sure have missed reading like 4posts since my last comment and for this, I am sorry..
    What with you dissing LOVE huh? Take time oh..
    Shebi I don tell you, it would come to you when you're not looking na, lol and girl, it's so real when you meet the right person so chill abeg, before I craze for you.

    How you?
    I'm a bad person I know.. I would call you..
    read all your previous posts and I've updated myself on you..
    You get time o....
    But of all, you're alive..and for that, I am glad..
    Love you much much..

  4. Well, what can i say. If i start ehn.
    @2cute: It's okay o, u r not a bad person. I'm not supposed to have time o, but blogging helps me relieve stress and forget my lone existence in this apt.

    How u dey?

  5. Hun,I'm good o..
    You aren't alone either so don't you ever think that..
    It's normal if you feel alone and have a desperate need to be needed..
    You're human okay/
    You have needs and you aren't needy..
    Just your hormones okay? lol..
    How your Sunday?

  6. This is hands down the best post ever!

  7. I'm cracking up here seriously. Lol. I don't think I should be laughing though, you OK?

    LMAO! Fantastic post!

  8. ive never seen wen a post that contains just one word gets so many comments ,,,,amazing ...u got everyone guessing//


  9. Now, that's serious.


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