Wednesday, August 18, 2010


My mom always used to say my anger would put me in trouble. It finally a way that means something to me. Because of my inability to control myself when i am anger i have destroyed something that was meant to be a blessing. Sometimes saying "I'm sorry" is not good enough. It doesn't fix everything. I can't even forgive myself. The cognitive dissonance is killing me. I am sad.

I have to separate what is going on from my school work cos that's what's important in the grand scheme of things. I have another chance to do this right and i'm not going to mess it up. I have a test on Monday, need to hit the books.

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  1. Hi there, we can all control our anger. saying i can't control my anger is what kills it. You have to believe u have the power in you to control your anger and u will do just that.. btw good luck in your test. You'll rock.


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