Monday, August 23, 2010


Someone, pls say something to motivate me. I feel too dumb for this med school thing. I've been trying to psych myself up since after the test. I didn't honor or high pass the test like i wanted, i just passed it. I'm not too happy, but at the same time i am happy i at least passed(my standards have been completely lowered since last year. smh), considering how i was this past weekend, i just couldn't concentrate on studying. I very unhappy that i let other issues interfere with school this early. I've been thinking a lot of stuff, doubting and questioning my intelligence. This whole med school saga has really eaten away at my self-confidence and i'm starting to doubt myself again. I'm trying to focus on how well i did at the end of the semester last yr to let myself know that i am capable of doing this.

I need motivational quotes....the only thing i have been able to come up with on my own is that med school is not for smart people but for hardworking people, and i know i'm hardworking, so i can do this. (Well, it is for smart people, but i think being hardworking carries more weight sha). I'm about to hit google for some more. I need to do much better next week if for nothing else, just to prove to myself that i can.

On my way home from school, i drove past this house with a nice front yard where a chic was sitting outside reading a novel. I was green with envy!!!! I want her life. OMG! I so want her life.

I think i have a crush on the orthopedic surgery resident who helps out in the anatomy lab. Still trying to figure out if he is white-white or latina or something. He's kind of dark and cute. It's not a full blown crush, so i think i will reel in it. I just think he's cute that's all.

On that note, i bid you good night while i spend all night studying.


  1. Don't let negative spirit weigh you down! I think rather than spending time looking for quotes on google...pick out certain powerful, promise filled, declaring bible verses...and inspirational/motivational quotes and paste them in ur living space. On ur fridge, doors, mirror, closet, in ur car...surround urself with God and positive energy! So that when u wake up and look in the mirror...u tell urself I can do ALL things thru CHRIST who strengthens me!

    The devil is gonna play with ur mind but u gotta commit to the Lord.

    And find little escapes to help release stress n' tension. We believe in u! Go get 'em girl!!!!!!

  2. See my dear, God dey, so don't even fuss. After all, didn't He take you there? He'll see you to the finish. You just keep doing what you do best :)

  3. Gosh! i suck at motivational talks!.... so am not given you any than to say, IF YOU WERE ABLE TO MAKE IT THIS FAR,THEN ABSOLUTELY NOTHING CAN STOP YOU FROM GETTING TO YOUR FINAL DESTINATION, NOT EVEN ACADA PALAVA!YOU ARE A 9JA BABE! COMEON! RESILENCE NA OUR 2ND NAME !..JUST REMEMBER THE PREFIX 'DR' THAT WOULD BE ATTACHED TO YOUR NAME WHEN YOU ARE THROUGH & IN 9JA, THAT MEANS PRESTIGE!... DO YOUR PARENTS PROUD MY SISTA SO THAT I CAN BRAG TO MY FRIENDS STYLISHLY BY SAYING ....'a doctor friend of mine said that...blah. blah, blah'....alas! i suck at this big time! *slapping my palm on my forehead gesture*....take care huh?...(((((((SQUEEZING HUG))))))))))))))))))))....hope i didn't crush you sha?

  4. oh! about that crush.....CRUSH IT DEAD! distraction needed qui?..

  5. I don't know a lot of motivational quotes, but I think one thing you need to do is think about the reason you are in MED school. Like what are you planning to get out of the degree. I know there's the MD status and the 'too much money', but what's the specific passion that you want to be able to accomplish with the MD status? Let that be your 'watchword', and motivate you. Let it fuel your hardwork. I like your own quote; it's similar to something I heard from India Arie - The race is not given to the swift, but to the one who endureth (It's originally from the Bible).

    The Lord is your strength boo. Congrats on passing your test, and don't be so negative about it jo. Be thankful and happy about it, and more will come k. ({})

  6. you know HE doesn't do things he half-measures. HE doesn't leave his people hanging either and that's been proven over the centuries.
    So drink cool water jare, it is done, the grace needed, the strength desired...all things are yours -tap into it!


  7. You can do it Dear!! The Lord is your strenght so keep praying he shall be with you. Congrats on passing the test, don't beat youself about it atleast you passed. *Hugs*

  8. I think the fact that you can get into med school in the first place means you are SMART. Do you know the amount of people that want to get into med school but couldnt? You got into a good med school and there that is enough to increase your self confidence. I think you need to start making friends for study groups, becuase sometimes that helps. I will pray for you though..(hugs)

  9. I'll put you in my prayers...sometimes those times come. Im at that point myself, but I feel it will be fine in the end. Hold on and be strong

  10. You guys are awesome!!!! Thank u guys so MUCH!

  11. hello sting...hw re u doing. i want to commend u...i dunno hw u do dis..i attend med skl too...n it's hard following up wit my blog...wat med skl do u attend.. i attend a Caribbean med skl ( american uni of antigua)


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