Tuesday, August 24, 2010


  • My niece, the Iz turned ONE today...... I love her so much. Happy birthday, daughter from another mother. 
  • I've been drinking a lot of milk lately. My day starts with milk and zantac (an antacid) and ends with milk and zantac.... with a couple cups of milk in between. Milk of choice: Very vanilla Soy milk. I'm lactose intolerant and the last time i drank regular milk was 2004. Anyway, as i went to pour a cup of milk yesterday evening since i had no appetite, i have the weirdest thought " How many cups of milk am i going to drink before i turn into a cow". This thought came from nowhere, I swear! I just burst out laughing, like who seriously thinks stuff like that. 
  • Surprise, surprise.....the thing i dreaded most about re-starting med school over was anatomy lab. I hated anatomy lab with a PASSION. Well, this year they said it was mandatory. I think that's just to deter people from skipping, cos a lot of people (me) skipped last year and the bodies were not dissected out for exams and the profs had to do it. I don't think they like that very much :D  So i've been going like a good girl. I'm the only female in a group of 5, the rest are white boys. I love them. They are so different from my group members of last year. No one is doing any kind of oversabi. I dug in today and dissected out the brachial plexus. I got a lot of compliments on that too. This one dude was like, i feel like u have done this before. Hmm.....funny enough i never dissected last year. Maybe once when i took off skin on the chest but that was it. I'm loving it this time, i don't even remember it's a dead body although my hand still stinks of formaldehyde and gunk.
  • I've been reading all ur encouraging comments from previous posts. A couple have made me cry (in a good way). Wow, u guys are awesome human beings. I got a phone call today or voicemail with a lovely bible verse from a blogger. I was beyond touched. All i can say is wow! God bless everyone who has cared enough to leave a comment because it means way more than you guys can ever imagine. I'm so glad to be part of this blogging community and i know that i am blessed because it's all love. I never get any negative comments or anything like that. You guys are simple awesome.
  • Wait o! Am i weird that i have never once thought that i had haters? All those times that people were abusing and misusing the word up and down, i still didn't think i had haters. I mean, what is there to hate on or why would i be thinking people are hating on me. Maybe i'm just oblivious, but i like it like that.
  • Na God get power. Thank you guys for everything. 
  • Off to study. 
  • XOXO
Pringles, gummies and a healthy side of medical genetics.


    1. Pringles + Gummies? LOL.

      Glad you got lots of lovely comments on your last post :)

    2. I'm so glad to read such an upbeat post from you. :D.

      I miss me some gummybears mehn. Chai.

    3. YAY You finally sound upbeat for the first time in weeks. still praying for you mama!!

    4. yay glad we got u bk...and no thanks to the food that shud not even be on a plate...its meant to be eaten from the packet....keep the posts coming

    5. Serenity is good, you sounded it too. All the best OK? Hold on.

    6. Oh, thank God its milk and not spirits.

      And wow, Anatomy was my favorite course in med school.


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