Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Who's lying?

Hey Lovies,
My weekend was crazzzzziiiiieeee! I worked 38hrs in 3 days. 8hrs on Friday, 14 hrs on Saturday and 16hrs on Sunday. Yes, i temporarily lost my mind cos i will think long and hard before i accept 2 double shifts back to back again. The main reason i did it was because every time I'm depressed and go to work, i always feel better when i leave. I just did not want to have time to think. So i agreed when they asked if i could work two doubles. Even though my body didn't like it, my mind did cos i have snapped out of my funk. I feel much better right now. Hopefully, i can stay that way. I couldn't freaking get out of bed yesterday. I woke up in pain. My shift ended at 11.30pm, but by 10.00 pm on Sunday, i was done. I went to the day room and put my feet up, they hurt like hell. I was like they could fire me if they want to fire me, i was done.

Anyhoodle, let me gist u guys something that happened at work. I worked in the older adult unit on Sat. For some reason they had a 25yr handicapped guy on that unit. He's really nice, but i don't think he's all there. Meaning, i'm not 100% sure his mental capacity is that of a 25yr old. Anyway, on Friday when i worked on another unit and we were at the cafeteria, other staff had commented that he was dating this 28yr old chic on the unit i was working on that day. Hmmm.... Ok! That night, they had movie night in the patio of the unit i worked on and people from the older adult unit, including the 25yr old came to watch. I saw him sitting with his "chic".

Fast forward to the next day. Like i said i worked in the older adult unit and as i was taking them to the cafeteria for lunch, the 25yr old starts crying and says the 28 yr old unzipped his pants during the movie and was rubbing his privates. He was shaking and crying. I did my best to console him. The pple from the other unit were not there yet, as soon as he saw them coming, he started crying again. He refused to eat his food and i had to keep reassuring him that i wouldn't let her sit next to him. As soon as she came in the cafeteria, he threw his food in the trash and wheeled himself out. I usually let them smoke before taking them back on the unit after lunch, so as the others were smoking, he was still going off, looking very distressed and crying. I asked him if he had been molested before cos his reaction was so strong and he said he had been molested by two boys from school. He's HIV positive btw, and i had been wondering about that. He kept on saying, i already have this disease and i don't need this.

Anyway, we get back on the unit, i had to report to the charge nurse, who reports to the nurse supervisor. They went over to the other unit to investigate, of course the chic denies it. She admitted they sat together during the movie but nothing happened. Come to find out she had left a note for another guy on her unit that she would jerk him off if he wanted. Anyway, the nurse comes back, calls the dude's doctor and reports it. All he said was, u know these patients sometimes make up stuff. After the nurse further explained, he said Ok and that was the end of the conversation. I felt bad!

So the next shift starts (I worked a double that day), and i asked the lady who just came in if she heard what happened to 25yr old dude. She was pissed. Come to find out that the night before she had caught 25yr old and 28yr old chic red-handed and she said it was consensual! The guy was worried that he was going to get in trouble that's y the next day, he changed the story and said she was molesting him. She said she saw them together with a blanket over them and she told 28yr old chic to stop. 25yr old guy didn't look distressed, he still sat with her until the movie ended and while she walked them back to the unit he never mentioned anything like that to her.

Now when he told me his version, he never mentioned that a staff had seen them together and asked her to stop. When i had earlier asked him y he didn't report her, he said he didn't tell anyone because he was scared. There was no mention of the staff seeing them together. Someone that had been crying and shaking, as soon as the staff went up to him and told him to stop lying, there was no trace of tears in his eyes. He just kept on saying, i didn't touch her. No one accused him of touching her. Conclusion to the story was that, he lied cos he was scared he was going to get in trouble if it came out.  Oh boy no cry again, eye clear and everything.

I totally fell for it. Everyone did. He should be an oscar winning actor or something. Never in a million years would i have thot he was lying. U should have seen me in the cafeteria, there were tears in my eyes cos i felt so bad for him.

Moral of the story:
  1. I can never be a Judge. It's always hard for me to tell who's lying and who's not. 
  2. Always hear both sides of a story
  3. Having an independent witness is even better. 
  4. You see how that chic was fondling someone that was HIV+ without having a clue about his status? I know if she had the chance, she would totally have slept with him. Yes, patients have sex with each other all the time, that's one of the reasons we have to constantly watch them.  Since they are not allowed to have condoms, u know it's not protected sex!
  5. Na wa for pple sha!


  1. First!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I learned not to judge from an incident that happened last week in blogsville!

  2. Yep, yep, yep. This incident totally reminded me of blogsville too!

  3. @Sting, I do not think I can be a judge too. It's so hard.

    What sort of facility is this? a hospital, a home, ? I'm curious!

  4. @Naked sha: It's a psychiatric hospital.

  5. I'm just kinda amused. The guy no get sense; now who's gonna jerk him off? Personally i make it a point not judge; i grew in a house of eight n i was first, so i know firsthand how badly stories can be twisted - even did some twisting myself!

    First time here; i like.

  6. take it easy on the hours. pls o! this story sounds similar to a place i started working at when i was 16, it was pure madness! it wasnt no psyc. hospital but it was close to it...

  7. @ono: I won't be working like that anymore. Maybe one double a weekend.

  8. na wa o so does that mean the nurse is HIV positive as well #justasking cos me I dont understand how she wants to be jerking patients or @ucking them...

  9. I've never been able to throw stones

    Cos I hate it when people Judge another...who is to say this is 'right' or this is 'wrong'?

    So I live and let live

  10. @Lovepaprika: Are u sure the read the correct post? I didn't say anything about a nurse touching the patient. It was between two patients.

  11. Hmmmmm! Like you said, it is always good to hear both sides of the story.

  12. LOL!

    The 5th moral is the most important:
    Na wa for people sha!

  13. LOL! 6:Dude may not look 100% there but he is!...never judge a book by it's cover!
    That boy should have been slapped for lying!lol


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