Thursday, April 22, 2010

Stupid pple.

I deal with some really mad people, for real, for real. So there's this dude, let's call him Anslem. His two sisters were my school mates in JSS. One of them was 3yrs ahead of me and the other one was my class mate. Anyhoo, 2008, he adds me on facebook. I never accept friend requests from complete strangers but since i knew his two sisters and he was in Atl, i accepted it. He called me a couple of times, i was in the middle of studying for the MCAT so no be man matter dey my body that time. Besides, he wasn't cute so there was no incentive to go out of my way to pay him any attention. We never talked again and after about 7 months, i deleted him from my face book page.

Fast forward to Oct 2nd 2009. I was in school studying, and he calls me. I honestly thot he had dialed a wrong number. I answered the call and he asked for someone else. I said, hey, it's Sting, i guess u dialed a wrong number. He was like no, are u not (sister's name)'s friend. I said yes, but the name you called is not my name. Come to find out the idiot did not save my name, he just saved it as sister's name's friend. So i'm like what's up. He said he called to tell me happy independence. The last time i checked, Independence day was October 1st. He said he wanted me to come hang out. The whole thing was just suspicious. I told him i was no longer in Atl and why did he remember me after over a year. My conclusion was that, he had some guys from out of town and they were looking for girls to hang out with. I'm not the one, wrong person.

Then he went to look for me on face book, found out i had deleted him and he was claiming being hurt. He said i had snubbed him the year before that's why he stopped calling, blah blah. So i added him back, that's when he started saying he was interested in me. I had just started talking to Mr.Man at that time. Come to find out that they were classmates, first set of their boarding school, so they knew each other very well. When Anslem saw that i was starting to like Mr. Man, he decided to tell me things about him. I just started talking to Mr. Man, i just started talking to Anslem, i didn't know who to believe. So i decided to asked Mr. Man about the things i was told. Hey, i was looking about for myself.

Long story short, Anselm lied and made everything up. When Mr. Man confronted him, he called me and said did i not know he was joking. Eh?! Joke, for where? He never said any of those things as a joke. They were said very matter of fact, it was a very serious conversation. He didn't think i would be able to ask Mr. Man about it. He was just trying to burn the dude's cable. After all was said and done, he turned everything into a joke and said that i messed up for going to tell Mr. Man. I should have known he was joking blah blah blah. When u tell me that someone is engaged to be married and that the person is known for being a liar and all other nonsense, where is the joke there? What part should i start laughing? So we stopped talking, and after a while he started calling again. He is very persistent. I figured, what the heck, i'll talk to him.

Anyway, even though he knew i was with Mr. Man, he still kept asking me out relentlessly. He even went as far as asking me in Dec. that if me and Mr. Man break up, if i will give him a chance. I stopped talking to him again  for about a month. I went to Atl twice and refused to see him cos he just gave me this vibe that i couldn't trust him to keep his hands to himself if i was around him. This was based on the way he talked. I almost got the impression that he saw women as vaginas to a certain extent.

Over time i have warned him to stop referring to me in any sexual manner and that i hate it. For example, when he would say "you need pounding", i would get very upset. So he knows i don't like that kind of talk. I made the mistake of mentioning in passing that things were not rosy with Mr. Man, and i guess he saw that as an opportunity, even though he had mentioned to me about a girl he wanted to get married to and she said she wasn't ready. So about almost 3 weeks ago, he calls and says he wants to tell me something. He said he had a dream, and that i shouldn't act stupid when he tells me, because he knows i like to act stupid.

Na there i vex. I went off on him for telling me i act stupid because i don't let him talk anyhow to me with his stupid sexual innuendos. I hung up on him after my tirade. After i calmed down, i decided to call and apologize for going off. Big mistake. He starts talking about how i'm a coward and a prey and all this nonsense that had nothing to do with anything. So i hang up on him again. He proceeds to leave me a voice message.

"You know i'm going to fuck you right? I'm going to fuck u (then he laughs this weird ass laugh). I'm going to give you some serious pounding. I want you to be bold enough to call me back and say, Anslem, i don't like the way you talk to me, u shouldn't talk to me like that, blah blah blah (he actually said blah blah blah), and when u r done talking, i'm going to stick my dick in your mouth"

Is that not madness for u? I couldn't even be angry because i just felt like he was trying to get me mad. 

Then apology calls starts and text messages. I finally picked up one call and asked him never to call me again. I wasn't mad. I just started to feel violated. He called me twice two days ago, and twice less than an hour ago. Did i mention he's persistent? Which was why i started talking to him again after the last time i boned him.

I am tempted to say i will never speak to him again. But never is such a long time. I have no desire to speak to him right now at all. But he has been apologising since that day. He even had the nerve to say he was tipsy. Yeah freaking right! Tipsy at 2 o'clock in the afternoon? I don't think so. Besides, being tipsy didn't make him say those things. He said them because he wanted to.

Don't know what to do with this idiot because he won't stop calling me. Already deleted him and blocked him on FB. He's just an idiot. Mr. Man had no sympathy for me btw, he told me to let it go and that i was the one that chose to continue talking to him in the first place. I should always trust my instincts about people, esp since with this guy, there was more than just instincts.


  1. I honestly dnt think u shd be considering whether to answer him or not. He has shown u his colors and u're still trying to find some gud sumwhr....abeg ignore him o.

    U dnt need unnecessary drama in ur lfe especially frm someone who isn't even ur boyfriend or anything.

    Ignore him dear.

  2. wow..that voice mail got me cringing...that was so rude and inappropriate and what have you....

    Pls dont even consider talking to him..he is an ass

  3. The answer to this one is simple. pls ignore nd forget him. why are you considering, in fact you should even start screening your calls just in case he uses another number. that msg he left is plain rude and disgusting. This is someone that can screw you over (both literally and not literally. Be careful. history hasnt shown you anything good abt this guy.

  4. Restraining order anyone??

    He's stupid, and you really shouldn't talk to him anymore. Doesn't matter how many time he calls. He doesn't know where you live does he?

    Save his number at D.N.P. and just ignore it. After a while he'll allow himself believe that you've moved back to Nigeria.


  5. Lol, Irritation at its peak!
    The guy sure needs to get spanked.
    Thats not a male friend to have.
    Blanking isn't just what you should do oh..Forget he truly exists.
    He's a pest.

  6. I dont know what cell company you have but these days it is quite simple to block a phone number. He is a douchebag, I recognize the signs as I have known quite a few in my time.

    It is best to ignore him and eventually he will take his madness somewhere else.

  7. I already feel irritated just reading this! Ignore him please

  8. block his no. that voicemail to me was way past his line.

  9. Ok, he really is stupid. He's one of those people that need to be cut off. A naija man did something similar to me before, but it was not easy for me to cut him off because I am such a forgiving person.
    I have a friend who is more of a "no-nonsense" person than I am. I used her to stop talking to him. I told her about him and I knew how disappointed in me she would be if I ever talked to him again, and that was all the strength I needed to stop talking to him.

    Please find a way to stop interacting with him, he is a manipulative person in every sense of the word.

  10. Stupid does not even begin to describe this punk ass idiot.

    Do yourself a favour and block his number if you can. There really is no point even speaking to him.

  11. run a thousand miles run run run...if he ever gets u alone he sounds like some1 wud rape u my sis...restrainin order is underestimating him...definitely get him off ur radar

  12. Wondering why all this time you haven't told him his life history. Those kind of guys don't need to be spared.
    Right now,kill him in your head and subconscious.

  13. He really left that voice message? I even felt violated reading it, ewww. I cringe for him but I agree with you that never is a very long time. But still give him a long gap, if possible block his number for now.

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  15. Sounds like you have a stalker on ur hands and a bit of a psycho too. Like seriously..who does that? He is very really don't av to deal with that.

  16. I am going to say one word that should be very clear to u!! in plain ENGLISH!


  17. that voicemail sounded rly sick, almost like something ive heard someone say before. Idk if its yankee that has made this crazy man start talking the way he does or if yankee just became place where he could just talk more 'freely'...either way the guy is SICK!! cut off all forms of communication with him fast!

  18. Thanks for your input guys. Much appreciated.

    @Barefeet: That's exactly what i thot. He does seem like someone that is capable of rape.

    I've decided to just continue ignoring him, even though he still keeps calling. Hopefully one day he will give up. He has resorted to calling me with a different number in the past. Let's see how it goes. He's just a weirdo.

  19. That dude is a plonker!
    Wish he could be beaten up!Me thinks you should just ignore him...he's a piece of trash.

  20. the anslem is an idiot,from his voice mail he sounds like a rapist too.abeg, who say's that kind of nonsense? if he contacts you again tell him you'll report his ass to the cops for sexual harassment and stalking you can even use the voice mail as evidence.(i just hate guys like this)


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