Sunday, April 25, 2010

10 Things plus 1

I love...............
  • Cheese cake........ All flavors except chocolate. I don't like chocolate cake either. Currently eating New York Style cheese cake with strawberries. Yum, yum, yum!!!! 

  • Lenie. My adorable Yorkshire terrier/ Lhasa Apso (?) mix of a mutt. 
 Lenie and his piggy
  • My baby niece - the Izzynator who turned 8 months yesterday. Daughter from another mother. 
 I absolutely love this picture of her in her play pen. She looks so mischievous. My sister would probably kill me if she knows i put her picture online. She doesn't even have her pictures on facebook, but she's so prettttttyyyyy. She looks exactly like my sister. Carbon copy.
  • History and in that vein Historical romance novels. 

  • Books. Favorite fantasy as a child was to be locked in a library for a week with food and a bathroom. A family friend said he always looked at me like a snub when we were kids cos i wouldn't play with them, instead i would lay on the sofa and read novels. 
 Favorite book of all time.
  • Jack Macfarland of Will and Grace. 
 So much laughter and joy added to my life because of this character.
  • The furry throw my mom gave me when i went back to school after christmas. 
Mine is brown. So warm and soft and cuddly.
  • The honey moon phase of relationships. 
 I love, love!
  • French dressing. It makes my salads just a little bit more enjoyable. Add a little honey mustard dressing to the mix, and you are golden

  • Being Nigerian. I'm so Nigerian, it hurts. It doesn't seem like it's been almost 8yrs since i last stepped foot in my beloved dysfunctional country. Saw the Welcome to Lagos video, and i loved it. I loved the Igbo dude. "You take tea cos the weather is cold" or whatever he said. So real! Loves it. 
  •  Snoopy. I've had my snoopy since 2005. I bought him and Charlie Brown from Kohls. Charlie Brown is not soft and cuddly, but Snoopy is. Snoopy to me equals comfort. Charlie Brown is currently in storage (at sch state) while Snoopy is right beside me.
That was Snoopy in 2005. Snoopy of 2010 is kinda worn out from giving too much love.


    1. Oh Jack! Why did Will and Grace end? Sigh...

    2. loool i know about books jare! i used to "live" in my uncles library...I vowed i'd have a room like that when i finally get around to having "my own" house. I'm well on my way there...

      Nice post...Thanks for sharing your favorite things..

    3. I love the honeymoon stage in a relationship too...I so miss it.

    4. Wait one good minute there lady! You mean your dog has a toy??!! a pig??!! lol

    5. lol..@ Sugarking. Yes, he has plenty of toys but that was his favorite.

    6. Have you ever been to Junior's Cheesecake in NYC? THE BEST!!

    7. New York Style Cheese CAke!!! PREACH!

      Now you make me want to go buy myself a whole one.
      Oh and that my Ibo brother in Welcome to lagos....*sigh* my heart did go out to him. So, so real.

    8. @Mizchif: I loved the igbo guy too, esp when he was talking about how his mom abandoned him. It was so touching. He turned out to be a really good parent. His kids are beautiful too.

      @Rayo: If i ever to to NY, i'll ask about Junior's Cheesecake.


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