Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Today ooooo

Hi all,

Friends, lovers and bloggers. I am sick! My weight loss program has been derailed by yours truly before it even started. Made meat pies yesterday and had some. Hmmm.... I went for a walk in the cold this morning even with my sore throat. I think that should count for something. I am aiming to be 157lbs by Saturday.

I got a job yesterday as a mental health associate at a  behavioral health center. I like euphemisms. The lady who interviewed me said they needed more pple like me. Okay o.  I'm just happy it's not an $8 an hr job. I think i should be more appreciative and thank God but i was kind of sad yesterday. They had a variety fest on saturday at my school and i saw pictures of my classmates dressed in their costumes or whatever. It made me sad sha, but i got over it. No use being sad for too long cos it's not going to change anything.

Even with my bastardly sore throat, i have a craving for fried yams......... and egg stew. It's going to be 8 yrs this yr, yet it feels like i left Nigeria yesterday. Time is flying faster than i would like.

Question of the day. What does being cultured mean to u? Someone told me i wasn't cultured today and i felt very insulted. Never mind, he said he was joking. I didn't find it funny and i am still pissed at him. When person too play, na the result be this.


  1. am i first?
    glad you got a job!good luck

  2. Don't get sick oh cause of the weightloss wahala.. Congrats on the job and may you find it fulfilling.. try not to get sad, okay?take care

  3. Congrats dear...Greater things to come.
    Haba dont get sick o.

  4. Mehn, i hate it when I get such remark too. Anyways it means you're now European and less African lolz it sucks innit.

    Get well soon hun.

    p.s: Can yam be fried????

  5. Thanks guys!!
    @Omotade: What?!!! You've never had fried yams? What part of Nigeria did u grow up in?

  6. congrats on the job...are there no yams in the states?

  7. There are yams o, but expensive. Besides, there are no yams where i am at the moment, so even if i was inclined to spend that money, i wont c to buy.

  8. na wa oh
    shortage of yam....????
    i feel for u
    hope u get better soon
    take some hot tea with honey it helps sore throat

  9. Only God knows what that comment meant, don't mind the person. Congrats on the job, and I shall wish fried yam your way.

  10. LMAO @ Omotade..say whatttt? Can yam be fried? Girlll u need to taste dat ish...fried yam wiv egg stew or corn-beef sauce...A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!lol

    Congrats on the job!!! But u knw $8 payn jobs ain't the end of the world. Congrats again!!!

  11. PS: Feel better soon, hot cocoa or tea wiv honey.

  12. Congrats on the job. I hate that comment. It's insulting whatever deraogatory thing it means!

    I love fried yam too. Don't they sell yams where you are?

  13. Congrats on the job.

    Cultured? What did you do and which culture are we talking about? American, Nigerian, European?

    A French will say an African is uncultured for using hands to eat, the Chinese will say the English are uncultured for eating with metal and the Aborigines will say the American is uncultured for not living close to nature.

  14. ah, 8yrs sha...thats a bloody looooong time...where i was then can in no way be compared to where i am now..WOW...enjoy your new job


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