Thursday, February 18, 2010

This day in time

  • I'm bored
  • Being trying to update blogsville gist. Thinking of directions to go with that blog. So many possibilities, but i am lazy.
  • I have the flu. Thought was a cold, but my Sister-Nurse said it was the flu. I got the nasal spray vaccine in school last yr. First time i was vaccinated for the flu. It made me sick for a day. 
  • I refused to get the H1N1 vaccine after that.
  • Being doing some serious amebo online. Googling stuff i have no business googling. They say curiousity kills the cat, but I say i have to be in the loop.
  • Had my recurring nightmare of going to write an exam and not knowing what to write. I've had that same dream about 10 times now. Different locations, different pple, different class levels, same dream. 
  • I need to start studying again, but i don't want to. 
  • Being thinking of the friend(s) i gave up this year. I think i made the right decision. I really can't stand selfish people. It's not all about you all the time. I just sent one a text telling her i think she is selfish.
  • Been learning that not everyone is your friend. We shouldn't be dashing people that title all willy nilly. They have to earn it. Just because u hang out with someone and do stuff doesn't mean they are ur friends. I guess that's why there's a distinction between friends and true friends.
  • I'm not even trying to be friends with anyone right now. Definitely not going out of my way. Sorry. 
  • I almost got into 3 different accidents today cos i was hopelessly lost. One with an ambulance who i refused to give way for. Why u ask? Cos the dumb ambulance driver did not have the siren on, so i thought i didn't have to pull over. When i saw he was abt to drive into my car and he blasted his siren, i quickly stepped on my brakes. He did the same thing to the pple in front. Put ur damn sirens on!!! 
  • My GPS decided to malfunction in the middle of the highway so that added to my lost in florida adventure. It took me over an hour to get home. If i wasn't sick and feeling like crap, i wouldn't have minded at all. I get lost all the time, even with my GPS. Talk abt being directionally challenge. I love my GPS though, i don't know how i survived before i got it.
  • I know not to expect things from people, but i keep on forgetting. That's what causes all the drama. 
  • Oh, and i need to go pee really bad, but i dont want to get up from this chair. TMI, i know but that's what u get for reading this far. Ha ha! Oya, make i go b4 old woman piss for body. 


  1. 3 different accidents??

    God loves u gal...

    Stay blessed

  2. you're really having quite a life.. slow down ok?get well too.. have fun.

  3. Lol always had the impression that u were a guy. Idk why.

  4. get well soon. @ accidents: stay more alert o. dnt want u getn hurt. @ dreams: i say,u must overcome. Do i get an A....

  5. accident wiv an ambulance ain't that least u'ld get quick transport to the ICU(intensive care unit)!!! lol.
    sha try not to die, some of us read your blog!!


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