Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Le sigh

About to start my first day of work and i really don't want to go. As crazy as med school is, it still beats going to work everyday. Although i think med school is worse than 2 full time jobs if u ask me, and i should know cos i worked two jobs last year and i thot it would prepare me for the rigors of med school, but it didn't. It really didn't. Med school was worse. So here i am, blogging instead of picking out clothes and taking a shower and i have to be there at 8 am and it takes me close to an hour to get to this place.

Another round of working in a mental hospital. I don't know if i'm ready. Oh lord, help me.


  1. Rise and go to work o. Sum pips wish dey had where to go to evri morning. Brace it up.

  2. you can do this, ok.. guess you just nervous or something..take it easy, but try to get up and go to work. Not heard from you..

  3. Take a deep breath and dream of all the cash you will make.

  4. I hope day 1 was good and not too stressful.


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