Friday, February 26, 2010


Do we remember to tell the people we love that we love them, or do u take it for granted that u'll see them tomorrow? How do u know that ur see you later, is not ur last good bye? I am very aware of how transient (for lack of a better word) this life is. I don't live in state of constant fear of dying but i live my life esp in dealing with people knowing that tomorrow is not guaranteed for anyone. I'm not perfect at it cos i still get mad at people, but if i know that i want u to be a part of my life, i try to make that happen. If it doesn't at least i tried.

My sister just got a call that her bestfriend's mom passed away. She said she saw her 2 days ago and she seemed fine. I saw her the first week when i first got here when we went to pick her grandson up. How was anyone to know that her days were numbered and she wouldn't make it to the end of the month.

I tell my friend to call his mom all the time. He doesn't listen. He is taking it for granted that she's going to be there tomorrow. Even if she lives for another 20 yrs, at least while she's alive let her know you care for her. Me and mom don't have the best mother daughter relationship, but i talk to her even if it's for 2 mins at least 3-4 times a week, even in the height of all my school stress.

Long story short, pls let the pple u love know and don't take life for granted. Don't take it too seriously either cos none of us are getting out of this mess alive. Enjoy ur day people. I'm going to my last day of orientation. Boy, has it been a torturous week. I'm so glad this orientation business is over.


  1. I learnt the hard way when I lost my boyfriend, I was too busy to check in then when I called him, I was told he, had died.. Imagine how it was for me huh? so, I get the drift..

  2. Life is so short,

    Live. Love. Laugh.

  3. It's a simple message but one that bears repeating.

    Tell (and show) those people close to you that you love them whenever you can! It's easy to get a bit complacent with life and think we'll always have a chance to say it another time.

    Have a great weekend, stingerella!


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