Wednesday, March 11, 2009


I guess this must be weird coming from me, but blogsville (like facebook) depresses me from time to time. I don't exactly know why but i'm sure if i think about it, i'll be able to articulate it. I have never given it much thot, i just sign out when i start feeling that way. Today might be one of those days.

Do u know those crazy people at Bank of America reduced my credit limit in one card from $12,000 to $3,000, and on the other card from $5,000 to $2,000 without informing me first!!!!!! (Okay maybe they did, but i never read those mails, abeg). It's the $9,000 reduction on the first card that is pissing me off. God punish them and this nonsense economy. No, i don't need the credit, but can u imagine how this is going to affect my credit score?!!

Thank God i got my car last year and i have no plans to do anything with a credit score for the next four years or so. I paid off the balance on that (former) $12,000 credit limit card 2 days ago with ALL the money i got from my tax return (that was supposed to be my naija ticket money oh! The price you pay for being responsible). I have one more credit card to go before i am completely credit card debt free. Yay me! I have my student loan and car loan, but we'll just pretend those don't exist for now. Besides, only God knows the hundreds of thousands i have to borrow for med school, so no need to worry about those right now. Which reminds me, i need to go look into scholarships. I like free money abeg.

I was going to do the military scholarship thingy where they pay your med school tuition and give u a monthly stipend and then u serve for 4 years after u graduate, but i just found out from someone who actually did it that it's not a very good idea especially because their match rates are not good. Only citizens are eligible for that scholarship anyway, and i don't become a citizen until next year (if i can afford to apply for the damn thing, last i heard it was $675).

Back to work. Three more months to go in this dungeon...... I can't wait!!


  1. dont be depressed.......... eh ya about ur credit limit...
    but ur so responsible o.. need to go pay of my cc

  2. Goodluck with ur finances, at least u're not in major debt.

    Hope u're able to find a suitable scholarship.

  3. yes oh we do wish you all the best...

    here a bit of British humour to cheer you up

    How do you define optimism?
    A banker who irons five shirts on a Sunday.

    What's the difference between an investment banker
    and a large pizza?
    The pizza can still feed a family of four.

    What's the difference between an investment banker
    and a pigeon?
    The pigeon is still capable of leaving a deposit on
    a new Ferrari.

    The credit crunch has helped me get back on my feet.
    The car's been repossessed.

    What do you say to a hedge fund manager who can't
    sell anything?
    A quarter-pounder with fries, please.

    A man went to his bank manager and said: 'I'd like
    to start a small business. How do I go about it?'
    'Simple,' said the bank manager. 'Buy a big one and

    What have an Icelandic bank and an Icelandic
    streaker got in common?
    They both have frozen assets.

    The bank returned a cheque to me this morning,
    stamped: 'insufficient funds.' Are they being ironic?

    A lobbyist on his way home from Parliament is stuck
    in traffic. Noticing a police officer, he winds down his
    window and asks: 'What's the hold-up?'
    The policeman replies: 'The Prime Minister is so
    depressed he's stopped his motorcade and is threatening to
    douse himself with petrol and set himself on fire - he says
    no one believes he can get us through the credit crunch. So
    we're taking up a collection for him.'
    The lobbyist asks: 'How much have you got so far?'
    The officer replies: 'About 40 gallons, but a lot of
    people are still siphoning

  4. sweerie, dnt u just hate those credit card ppl....i am yet to pay off my 5cards...yeah i know..5.

    dnt let blogsville bcome FB for u o! cos i know how i get annoyed at FB...

  5. hehehe until I know whether they warned you that they were lowering your credit card limits I can't curse out the Bank of America for you. I'm glad that you don't really need the higher limits and you're on your way to being financially free (heh, you always hear that phrase; wonder how many ppl can claim it).

    I hope you find a fabulous scholarship too: you work so hard (too hard, if you ask me)!

    Sending you love and hugs!

  6. Hmmm Sting pele! I can imagine how you're feeling...don't let those kill-joys put you under!
    Really glad to know you're on top of things...I'm proud of you gal...Will be praying with you to get a berra scholarship!
    Please o...don't join the army abeg!

  7. oooooooo na, bank of america got you too....


  8. Debt is scary o! I am proud of you. Some people would have been overwhelmed by it all.

    Goodluck with the rest dear.

  9. hey...u're such a responsible human, i should adopt you as a sister if u'll have me:)
    i'm glad we dont have the credit card thingy here, my mastercard is a debit card, as in i'd have been as messed up as a wet cat if that was d

    blogsville's supposed to cheer u up sweety.
    so cheer up!

  10. i have a BOA card i hope they don't slash my limit like that or i will be majorly screwed

    hang in there
    we will all come thru this depression recession in one piece

    when it comes to blogville
    i just mark all my the posts on my googleReader to read and skip reading for a while

  11. I kinda like the way u are sorting out your finance.

    All the best lv.

  12. Abeg o don't join the army!
    Praying you get a scholarship!

    All the best dear!

  13. Pele Sting. Hope you feel berra!

  14. Ur almost there ...YEah!!! I hate getting stuff on credit due to the problems u listed. Yankee can mess people up big time.


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