Friday, March 6, 2009


The nominees for the Naija Bloggers Award 2009 are up. Stop by and see if u were nominated. If not, u still have a chance to be nominated for the Category B awards.

On to other matters, maybe i'm still very naive but it has come to my attention very recently how two-faced a LOT of people are, especially at my lab. How can you say mean, hateful things about someone behind their back and then laugh and smile to their face. What kind of behavior is that? If i'm mad at someone, trust me, they know it. If i have a problem with you, we either work it out or i give you space. I can't have issues with someone and be smiling with them like everything is cool and then go be talking crap about them as soon as they leave.

It is just disgusting to watch. I guess it's human nature but i don't like it at all!


  1. welcome to reality....... a lot of people r two faced esp women and it hurts so much when u see these same people acting all nice and concerned about u.....pele

  2. Permit me to welcome you to reality, Sting. I hate that *ish too. If I am mad at you, I draw the battle line, so everyone can see. I don't believe in eye service, and it's put me in people's black list many times. Do I care tho? Nope. I also expect everyone to treat me the same way. If I do something that pissed u off, spill it or forever hold ur peace. Sorry for the rant, but I particularly hate this trait in most people!

  3. That is why people are different. I wanted to get swallowed in the ground when someone told me for months she hated me for a perception she had of me (not that I had done anything) and she used to speak bad about me. I wondered so for all these while, I would greet her, she would answer yet she has something in mind?

    I try my best to talk about something that I am offended or angry about. In a matter of seconds, I've forgiven whoever offended me especially if we have talked about it. It really surprises me when people laugh with me yet at my back say something different with the excuse that i must have offended them...

  4. Babes, great job on the awards thingy.

    As for 2 faced ppl, i know they are many in the world, but i still don't see it as normal. If i do not like you, you will see it on my face, clearly written on my forehead, and i respect it when others do like wise. I really don't believe it is possible to like evryone. You can just be civil and leave it at that!

  5. That's how most people operate...i wonder how they do it because i'm like an open book, you can almost read me, if i'm not happy with you, you can tell by the way i'll relate to you! capish!

    Just went to look at the nominations. How do we vote?

  6. Hey Sting, a lot of people are quite deceptive.

    Great work on the AWARD. You are in the team right?

  7. In every sphere of human existence regardless of geographical location, time and other variables human nature is the same.there will always be the haters, the one everyone calls 'that woman', the gossips, the two-faced people, the helpers etc.

    see what am driving at? you will meet them again and again it's up to you to define to what extent your life will be affected by these people. There are mega-backstabbing haters in my office. they gossip about you behind you and definitely smile at you when they see you. I make sure i don't descend to their level or dignify their nonsense by even remotely acknowledging it. I focus on professional issues and what needs to be done on the job. Eventually they'll see how apathetic you are to the whole thing and move onto other topics. Trust me they'll always find someone new to hate on. I like the fact that you deal with issues as they arise, you'll fast gain a reputation as a trustworthy person. you'll see.

    You guyz are doing a great job with the blogville awards.

  8. Y'all have been working your butts off on the NBA blog and deserve a major award o. Thanks!

    And yeah, two-facedness sucks bigtime! My true emotions show on my face, so much so that I have to be careful at my regular work meetings.

    Think how liberating it is for those who don't have to worry about what they've told others about someone. You can live your life knowing that what people see is what they get. Genuine people rock! Don't change :)

  9. i guess it's the way some pple are and they can explain it away too. i on the other hand get accused of wearing my feelings on my sleeves all the time... when i'm mad at someone, nobody needs tell the person!

  10. thats life. it becomes very dangerous if it comes from ur best friend. well thought out

  11. I generally let people know how I feel when they offend me, but occasionally I keep things to myself sometimes because I don't want to blow up. That's the thing though; If I can't tell the person I'm offended with, I'm not gonna go run my mouth about it to someone else either.

    Unfortunately, I grew up seeing my mum experience this a lot, and I absolutely cannot abide this particular trait in people!

  12. people are always like that
    but i hate bitching
    if you cant say it to someones face
    then dont say it at all

  13. People are like that. I didn't see my name on the naija blogger's list :(

  14. Hi Sting,

    Its me again....I am on a roll, aren't I?

    Oh Sting, could I just offer a tip or two, permit me If you may.....

    * On drawing the battle line as Nefertiti bluntly put it, I would not really take that option. Why? well because, a revealed enemy becomes weak and is open to termination ... just as the Devil operates. The best way, or the way I go about it is to be 'too nice' to my enemy. Well I try to. It confuses the camp and does not know what to make of the situation or of me. I will suggest you give it a go. It would be hard at first, but with a smile and practice, they will be at your mercy. Trust me.
    * On the person that talks behind you, it means you must be important and must be doing something right. I will say, do not loose any sleep over it. Be yourself and don't waste your energy.
    * Come off it, I do not expect everyone to treat me the same way, what a boring world it would become if that were the case. We have how many fingers? How inefficient they would all be if they were the same size and were limited to function the same way?
    * Sting, a very well done on the NBA, I will check out the nominations now.

    taKia and God bless you real good.


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