Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Since i claim to hate facebook so much, why am i still on there? I've been tempted to deactivate my account for a while now, the only thing stopping me is my naija friends. It's not like we even communicate through facebook regularly, but i just want that line of communication open.

As far as i'm concerned facebook is pretty much useless in terms of making new friends or reconnecting old friends. Yes, u find that primary school friend u haven't heard from since 19 gbidi gbidi no date, after the initial one day excitement, u go back to not communicating. I've even found friends that i was so shocked and excited to see, i send them a friend request PLUS a message, what do i get back in return? They do me the honor of adding me as their friend. No reply to my messager, EVER! That pisses me the help off. I have over 300 friends, the count would have been WAYYYYYYYYY more but i went on a deleting spree one time, i know all these 300 + people, one way or the other, but i barely communicate with more than 10 of these people. They are just there, giving me access to their lives and vice versa. Amebo heaven, if u ask me but i really don't care to know these days. Wetin consign me?

Interesting story, i saw a picture of this chic that looked familiar, so i sent her a message asking if it was possible i knew her, long story short i did. Added her, checked her profile, she dey stay for ATL too. Okay. Exchange a couple of emails, she just had a baby blah blah, me i'm all excited about the coincidence of meeting her and she living in ATL also. So i happily give her my phone number and tell her to call me anytime (Okoro feeling friendly). Auntie no ever reply that email talkless of call me or anything like that. 3 months later, i get an email from her about her Avon abi na Mary Kay business, naim i say God punish u, punish Mary Kay. Mstchewwwwwww.

I just get irritated with the whole thing everyday. Everywhere i go, facebook. I finally had to turn off ALL my email alerts. Do u know how many those things are? The thing was invading my life. Added to that was after being shocked speechless that this friend of mine got my address without me giving it to her, i googled myself (not the first time) and found this so called whitepages that now gives the whole world access to ur whereabouts. There was this other link that i clicked that had my home address, phone no, occupants of the house (i swear), my facebook profile with my picture also showed up on that page. What the hell?!!! That's a little too much information out there for my liking. I have googled myself multiple times, so i guess this development is fairly recent.

Anyway, i woke up this morning, determined to deactivate my facebook account (e be like say i even dream about the thing sef), one less thing to worry about and i get this email from a friend i haven't seen in almost 7 years. He calls me from time to time, but i hardly ever make time to call him (as usual).

Hey dear! wsup with you? Dont know but i have a feeling that you are not pleased with me. Really dont know why i feel this way. I may be wrong though. Just wanted you to know that though many waters has passed through this bridge we call life, only a few made so much meaning and impact in my life and believe me u r not just one of them but u r topmost on the list. It's still like yesterday, the day we said good bye when u were in ur mums car i suppose. its still fresh, all the nice times that we had together. i wldnt want to trade it for anything in the world. So in a nut shell i value ur friendship and i dont wanna loose it. Straight from my heart just after waking up. Let me go say my prayers.

I was very surprised to get this message cos i'm not mad at him, we barely interact these days so there's no opportunity for him to make me mad. I don't even remember ever being mad at him, so i don't know where that feeling came from. However, his email really touched me cos it was so unexpected. He was never a toaster or even liked me like that, we were just very good friends. He was actually the first guy to ever call me out on my bullshit and i liked that. I've had problems (Ha!) making friends since i came to this country in 2002. I have not had even one person come close to any of my friends in Nigeria. The one friend i thought i had in California ended up being an illusion. I'm sitting here thinking to myself, what in the worlddddddddd, what's so difficult in making friends. I had so many friends in Nigeria, i didn't know what to do with them. America, is a horror story!

He's email somehow, someway validated me. I know i'm a good friend. My friends in Nigeria love me, and won't just abandon me because of some bullshit reason (Hey California, i see u!), or won't try to date the asshole i'm dating and then turn around and talk crap about me (i just told her that i have forgiven her (thru facebook :-) so let me stop). (Not talking about the same person BTW)

Anyway, what's the point of all this story again....................... about how i wanted to leave facebook. Eh hen, long story short. I'm still on facebook. My friends email, somehow convinced me to stay, if for nothing else, so i can have easier access to my friends. A couple of them joined facebook cos of me, at least that's what they told me. I however deleted my two (measly) albums, and all my profile pictures except a couple (i just had to keep repping naija, i no fit shout).

End of story, now i need to go take that dog out to pee and fry some plantainsssssssss, yummy!

P.S. I love my doggie. How could i have been so lucky with a pound dog. He's lying in the corridor waiting patiently on his errant mommy.


  1. First!!!wow that felt good...BRB

  2. Face book is a brilliant mode of communication...for me...
    I have friends that I don't keep in touch with regularly and when we see, it's as if we paused and pressed play...
    I'm not exactly great at keeping in touch but once I think of any friend of mine nowadays...all I need do is log on to facebook and hola and if I'm lucky,they may just be online to chat need for long thing!i.e phone calls...though it is relevant and effective too!!!

  3. I feel you. Sometimes I wonder why I'm friends on Facebook with people who like you said you don't talk to once the initial excitement of finding them abates.

    I guess the good outweighs the bad...and as long as that's the case, stay on jare. You never know who you'll meet through it that'll be a good friend (or boyfie) in Yankee.

  4. hey hon!!!I so want to delete my FB account but because of this event m organising every1 seems to think communicating via FB is the only form of communication around...mccccheeeew!!!

  5. FB has a lot of benefits but i think the bad outweighs the good. Best thing to do is go private (almost anyways). make u r account/ profile pic invisible to people. Just ur friends. I think am gonna delete some albums too!

  6. I'm also thinking about deactivating my account but i think i need that communication line open too. incase of incasity. you never know you know.

  7. I agree facebook is an amebo and 90% of the friends we add are not communicating with us….i like that email ur friend sent

  8. this days the only way to stay on tp of the social scene is thru facebook, you get invites(d private ones)you rsvp and get ur name in the guest list, bla bla bla...leaving fb would b like social sucide.

    i love fb, but i try to fliter out those i approve as friends, i've got about 200 friend request i havent responded to.
    some just want to b friends so they can get all the scoop on u for gossip at some social gathering.

  9. FB is a good mode of communication and also "ameboism". I have about 106 friends n i keep deleting some off there.

  10. I joined fb strictly for amebo work. But it has come to mean a line of communication for long time friends. I know wherever I am, they can always find me through there so I stayed.

    Hope you took Lenie for that pee and a little walk.

  11. awwwww...

    i deactivated my fb account about 2weeks ago..i dont care if peeps r missing me(or not)..i was just so irritated with the whole idea!

    now why the hell did u go and mention fried plantains, ehn???

  12. Wow! ....simply put (as someone rightly said) friends are simply one of the precious treasures we can have in life.


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