Tuesday, January 29, 2013

What should we call med school and other stuff

This has actually happened to me at least 3-4 times when i ended up sleeping on the floor. Once i remember i was so tired, being dramatic and all, i collapsed on my kitchen floor and ended up waking 2 hours later. It was not my intention to fall asleep, I was just exhausted. Another time, i ended sleeping under my study table, after i bent down to pick up a piece of paper. I never made it back up. Believe me when i say, when you are tired, you will sleep anywhere.

I have written about the site before. I used to go there daily but not anymore. I went there just now and this cracked me up. A lot of the stuff on there is very accurate and it's nice to know a lot of med students feel the same way you do.


Double ouch!


  1. You picked up a piece of paper and didn't make it back up?? Now that is the height

  2. Lool. The 'just be ugly' pic made me laugh seriously. And rest whenever you get the slightest chance to.

  3. I used to have such days before I left for India, I would get back from work, plan to change my clothes and I would just fall asleep sometimes on the floor...those days drained me...please rest as much as you can.

    The gym picture is just so funny.

  4. Can't give u dat "rest well" advice cos I don't know d amount of work load u've got but I do know eventually all will come to pass. Hope u'll smile afta ur test and it will b well worth it, so hang in dere.
    All d best in ur test. 😊

  5. I wish I was a med student too so I can sleep while pressing my phone.

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