Sunday, January 20, 2013

Are med student brainiacs?

I can't fucking sleep. I am so freaking annoyed. I want to be asleep, i need to be asleep right now. I am tired and exhausted and have to wake up early to get shit done.

I can't sleep. I am so annoyed. I want to be asleep, i need to be asleep right now. I am tired and exhausted and have to wake up early to get things done.

Version A or Version B....take your pick. Don't tell me cos i don't really care, just read the version that suits you. I like version A. It conveys my emotions better.

There was a beauty of the day on Linda's blog today or yesterday, not sure, who happens to be a med student. I was reading the comments and some people mentioned that med students were brainiacs while other's said you don't have to be smart to be a med student or not all med students are brainiacs. You get the gist. Both sides of the argument made me laugh. I didn't go to med school in naija so i don't know, but what i know is, even if you use corner corner to enter (in naija, i don't know about that in America), you have to be at least very hardworking to stay and not get kicked out. Med school is not beans.

So what do you guys think are med students smart or just hardworking (studious) or both? 
I personally think if you were smart but not hardworking, you wouldn't make it in med school. I'm sure there are exceptions, but regardless of what some people might want you to believe, everybody puts in the work. Med school is harddddddddddddddddddddddddd.............................. There's really no light at the end of the tunnel, until you are an attending and even then

Still not sleepy......Jesus why me? Mary, we need to talk. Please talk to your son.

P.S. I think brainiac is such a funny word. Nobody uses it here.


  1. I think med students are hardworking and have book smarts, but not necessarily street smarts. I am a prime example; I can definitely pass a standardized test with flying colors but sometimes common sense evades me!)

  2. Haha @ Amy! I think some med school students are 'brainiacs' (yeah the word definitely sounds weird). So as I was saying some med school students are brainiacs and all med school students are hardworking.

  3. Med Sch isn't beans. At all.

    Like NR above said and I agree all med sch students are hardworking. Not sure about being braniacs now, but some are pretty smart(book smart).

    Then there are those who aren't so smart nor that hardworking but still make it thru med sch.

    The dedication to academics required of a med student isn't abc mehn.


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