Tuesday, January 15, 2013


Things i learned (or re-learned this week) that i am dashing you guys for free.Tuition free. 
Apparently biotin is very good for hair ----
If you don't want to get fat (amongst other things) don't eat after 8pm because that's the time enzyme which makes cholesterol -HMG CoA reductase is most active.

All you hair people can test out the biotin one and let me know if there's any difference. I will certainly try it cos my hairline needs Jesus. It never recovered from some tight cornrows i did.

We were told by this funny Dr. that we shouldn't let people push/shove us anyhow (let's say we were walking in a crowd or something) because we are very expensive. All $200,000 worth of student loans. The way she said it was so funny.

Thanks to the people who commented on my last post, esp those who got my point. It wasn't about miracles but about people who don't tell the full story and mislead others.


  1. lol @ur hair needing jesus, i am def picking up biotin

  2. lmao @ ur hairline needs jesus. Same here, might give it a try.

  3. My stylist is constantly raving about this biotin stuff so i'm assuming that it really is good lol

  4. Are you sayin we should ingest biotin tablets or we should get hair products that have biotin as ingredients?

  5. Commenting on your last post and I could not get it out of my mind.. would definitely be changing the way I give testimonies...

  6. Biotin is also good for nails and skin. I have been on biotin for over 9months. I was taking a 1,000mcg pill (one per day) dosage and then upped it to super strong 10,000mcg pill.

    My hair kinda grows fast anyway so not sure if the increased biotin dosage helped with my hair proportionately to the higher dose but my nails were growing like madness.

    I have since reduced my biotin intake to one pill every 2 days.

    and try castor oil with an essential oil (tea tree or lavender) for your hairline too. When Ghana weaving dealt with my hairline, I went all castor on it and it worked (I think!)

    1. Yeah, you are right. It works on skin and nails too. 10,000mcg? LOL...I'm sure it definitely helped with the hair and nails.

      As for castor oil, i have been applying that thing since last year, i don't see any improvement o. I still use it anyway. I haven't given up yet.


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