Sunday, December 9, 2012


I actually ended up not presenting the patient. I told my Senior i wasn't ready to present and she asked the intern to present. Got off at 12noon and have Sunday off. Happiness!!!!

 Title of the book is Woman Habits by Shanel Cooper-Sykes.

 11 Ways This Book Help You Attract Men, Money and Happiness Unlike Anything You've Seen Before (Preview 11 of the 50 Habits)

  1.  HOW TO WEAR STILETTOS) -- 99% of women wear them wrong! Get expert tips to wear, stand and walk in stilettos like a supermodel. Plus, the secret "muscle" (not your calf muscle) you must use to ROCK stilettos with fierce and POWERFUL look. (Habit #27 
  2. How to Reinvent Yourself - Keep the focal point on you by transforming yourself with NEW wardrobe and mindset changes. (Habit #11) 
  3. How to take care of your vagina (Habit #30) Right and wrong way to wash your vagina, exfoliate your vagina and how to tell if "something" is wrong. Think using soap and water is the correct way? Think again! Let It Go -- 
  4. how to let go of things that are holding you back and keeping you from moving forward (Habit #5)
  5. How to Wear Bras and Shape Your Breasts (Habit #19) -- Instantly transform your breasts to look full, sexy, attractive by using these simple tips. 
  6. How to "pee" in public restrooms (Habit #32) -- Important tips on how to use public restrooms. 
  7. The Vagina Workout -- Take pride in being super tight and right by learning how to give the vaginal "death grip" that brings men ultimate sexual pleasure. (Habit #35) 
  8. How to be "submissive" (and gain power) (Habit #42) -- Attract more bees with honey, resolve more conflicts, solve more problems, be more flexible and powerful as a woman when you learn this secret.
  9. Act like a lady, think like a woman (Habit #45) --Why you should be a lady in everything you do, say, think and do. 
  10. How to protect your relationship (Habit #43) - What confident women do to keep their relationship in A+ shape mentally and emotionally. 
  11. How to perform "oral sex" -- as unladlylike as this may seem... I'll reveal a technique called "UNHINGE" that gives you jaw-dropping, deep and wide capabilities to BLOW his mind. (Habit #47) and many more (39 other habits)
This lady is not playing. I love her already. 

I think Rev Run is the shiznit! I love the guy. Tyrese....meh, but i love me some Rev Run and his wisdom.
  • Want a great relationship, Ask questions. NEVER assume anything.  Assumptions are the temites of relationships
  • Ladies: When a man says he loves you but doesn't act like it, ONLY believe what he does, not what he says. 
  • Single ladies stay happy and have fun. Just because you are boylesss, doesn't mean you have to be joyless. 
I have books to read, so i can't search for more, just search #manology on twitter. 

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  1. I think I might actually read manology just for the heck of it


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