Sunday, December 9, 2012

I have been in this Country too Long

I need to wash my white coat but i don't need to do laundry. I just need to wash one white coat. I have two white coats, one medium and one small. I don't like the medium cos it's too big and i feel like i look dowdy in it. I wear it anyway and just fold the sleeves, but i have an OSCE on wednesday and it helps my confidence to at least look sharp, so i would like to wear my small white coat. But it's dirty cos i've worn it all week.

I brought it home yesterday and left it on the chair with every intention of hand washing it. I've been looking at it all day and believe it or not, i have been very reluctant to wash it by hand. I'm scared i won't do a good job of it and it won't be clean. This is what America has done to me. I'm trying to think of anything i have hand washed besides underwear since i've been here and i am drawing a blank. Oh, i hand washed some socks a couple of weeks ago cos i ran out and didn't have time to do laundry. Even underwear i hand wash, maybe once a year, if that.

We didn't have a washer and dryer in Nigeria AND i went to boarding school, so i have lots of experience with hand washing clothes.In primary school my mom paid someone to wash our clothes but secondary that shit stopped. I used to hate washing sheets, jeans and my mother's wrappers where you had to make sure you washed the white edges. It was horrible. Thank God those days are over.

I just thought it was interesting that i am now scared/reluctant to hand wash. Maybe it's cos it white. I dunno. I still want a maid though. The older i get the more i hate housework. Good thing is i still enjoy cooking, hopefully that doesn't turn into a chore too.

Ok bye. Books acalling.


  1. haha.... i suffer from the same thing, and i went to KC as boarding school where all the horrible seniors used to give me all their clothes to wash (KC uniform, White on White) ... i believe im soo reluctant to hand washing clothes at this station in life because i have hand washed for my life time in boarding school.
    just throw that White Coat into the washer, yeah you might be wasting water but atleast you just solved your 1st World Problem.

    1. lol @ first world problem. I don't have a washer and dryer in my apartment. Wish i did.

  2. ZIPS is my bestfriend.. dryclean and garmentfor 1.99!!!


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