Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Awww....Verastic Engagement

I just can't stop cheesing anytime i watch this video, which is three times and counting. Vera is the reason i blog today and i don't even think she knows it. I didn't know anything like blogging/blogger existed before i read a post she put on nigeriansinamerica.com where she talked about blogging and she linked her blog. I spent hours devoring this girls' post. She was funny! as hell. Then i started blog hopping through her blog list and discovering more Nigerian blogs. Jan 23rd, 2007 another Nigerian blogger was born, all thanks to verastic. This video is the first time i have watched her speak and it was weird. Heck, she refused to show us her face until this year (can't remember exactly). I have talked to her on the phone/co-hosted on her show and listened to her talk on her radio show, but seeing her speak was just.....my brain had to make the connection. LOL. I am happy for her and share in her joy. Funmi was by her side as usual....I love that friendship.

Mikki i saw you too o. Looking all cute and stylish. I wish i could rock that hairstyle.

Anyway, congratulations vera. I told you, you were the next big thing and it's going to happen.

P.S what happened to that book you were writing? You think say I don forget?

P.P.S. Igwe and I have the same birthday, Oct 29, so that automatically makes him a great guy. Only special people were born on Oct 29. Just saying. I might be biased but it's the truth.


  1. You know, I was going to ask about the book too. I was just thinking about it this morning as well.

    Exactly my sentiments, when she spoke and the voice came out of her mouth I was like *pause* where have I heard that voice before? If it isn't the voice that has been emanating from my laptop every saturday morning for a year now... wish them both the best

    1. Damn it!! How did you comment before me? I am vexing right now! And lol at the book. No comments.

  2. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!! Girllll, I have shed at least five drops of tears for this post. Thank you so much! And no, I did not know I was the reason you started blogging. What?!?!?! *faints*

    Thank you so much. You know you (and everyone like you) are the reason why I keep blogging. Someone is reading, and although I don't know why people keep reading, it makes me happy to know.

    LOL @ connecting the video to everything else. This is indeed the first time I have ever put a video of myself up (or spoken on camera publicly). At this point, I feel like I have nothing else to hide. People have read my words, heard my voice, seen my pictures, and now, seen me [talking] on video too. Na to release blue film remain nah. LOL.

    Thank you, Sting!!! *HUGS*

  3. Lol... Dr. Sting you can definitely rock this style.. and from what I remember of your face *Pls post another picture ^_^* It would definitely fit you.
    just keep it short and funky and preferably in a 1b or if your upto it add a little 33 in the back for an ombre look. you wont regret it. Plus, when done right..the older it gets the better it looks. I remember having them in for almost 3months and pple were still asking me me where I got it done...to bad the original lady got deported :-(


    1. lol @ too bad the original lady got deported. I didn't see that coming. What is the style called?

  4. Been miffed for a few days now that i cabt watch d video......my internet is crap! Me i am still awaiting Vera's full gist cos of the'will u marry me again' part. I am patient tho (iThink). I cant wait to be the little bride...... Oh Vera! Speaking of which, we should find her a Yoruba name. I'lll come up with a list later

  5. Wow! watched it like three times. So luvly!...Congrats to vera


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