Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Oya, come!

Never thought the day would come when i would have no desire to blog but that's what i'm dealing with right now. I think it's a phase (i hope it's a phase), so i'm good. I decided to blog today because there's something i learnt this semester that i would like to share. In case you guys don't know, my focus for pathways (some *%$^@ we have to do on top of  the multitude of other *$@%^ we have to do for school) is HIV/AIDS awareness and prevention. It's my "thing"  and have found a pretty decent mentor for it. I wish i had the peace of mind to really delve into it, but "real" school work has most of my attention and i do the barest minimum to get by. Hopefully, i get a pass (it's a pass/fail course) this semester cos i barely did anything.

Anyhoo, ladies and gentlemen if you ever find yourself in a position where u think there is a possibility you have been exposed to the HIV virus, you have 72 hours to present yourself to an ER, PCP or hospital to get post exposure prophylaxis aka PEP. 3 days!!! After which, don't bother. So God forbid a rape takes place, please don't just take a shower, and lay on your bed and cry. It is very important that you don't let that window pass because those meds are pretty efficient in preventing the infection from taking hold. It's not a 100% but the stats are pretty good, so it's definitely worth it.  Just thought i'd share cos it's good information to have (i think). BTW, it doesn't have to be rape. One of the cases we had was a guy with an HIV positive partner and the condom broke, so yeah. Now u know, u can thank me later.

I think my niece has infected me with something because i suddenly have a sorethroat. I didn't get a flu shot this year even though we get it for free. Just didn't find the time to go down to the clinic and i wasn't in school the day they came by, hopefully i don't get sick. I have the cutest pictures of her with my stethoscope. One, she just has it in her ears, and the other she was actually listening to my heart. Too cute. Future doctor in the making. Can't share cos i'm not allowed to. My lovely sister just blessed me with a diagnostic kit that costs $900. We were supposed to buy one and it was included in our budget this semester, but i had no intention of spending that kind of money on that. Hell to the no! Even with it being included in our budget, i couldn't afford it o! Let's not even talk about that bootleg budget. So yeah, i got it FOC today, including the text book which i didn't buy. So hopefully, i will stop showing up for CER looking like a doofus. I will at least know how to turn on the ophthalmoscope or otoscope next time. Thank you Jesus. I shall be practicing how to do a full body exam before i leave home. I'm supposed to know how to do it by now, but i don't. Say, 99. "99, 99, 99". You should see me percussing. I didn't know what part of your finger to hit or what hand to even use. The doctor was like are you right handed? I'm such a mess. I plan on getting my act together ASAP. Incompetence is not cute. 

I think i'm going off kilter. I'm no longer a normal human being (if i ever was). I caught myself talking aloud to myself again today at the store. Seriously, someone tell me what is going on? PLUS, i have been itching to study!! *gasps*. Yeah, no! Seriously! I'm finished! Who gets a break and wants to study? I just can't relax. I actually did some work today and the only reason i'm blogging is because the lighting in this room is not great for studying and i can't go downstairs to study cos of the noise. Definitely getting a table lamp tomorrow. I just want to go over all the micro in First Aid, just to make sure i consolidate stuff. I feel like the last block was too rushed and it was mostly crammed for the finals. I have boards to worry about next year and i can't wait until the last minute because unlike a lot of my classmates or other med students, i'm not a genius. lol. Ok seriously, i think med school is more about being hardworking than how innately smart you are. You can't be dumb and get into med school in the first place. U can be the smartest person on earth and still fail in med school. You have to put in the work, identify your areas of weakness and try to work on it. It has been a struggle for me and i'm still working on it. I do not have it down by any means. Far from it.

OMG! I just remembered. I saw this really good looking guy at the store today. How does it make sense that i see a cute guy and i look away and do everything possible to make sure he doesn't see me. What kind of madness is that. He sagged a little which is how my eyes were drawn to his LV belt (when he walked past me). *rolls eyes*. He's still a cutie though. It's just sad. Don't try to understand it cos i don't, either. No, not the sagging. Obviously when i stop making sense is when i know i need to end the blog.

Ok, bye!

*I managed to churn out a post for your entertainment (or maybe i just helped u waste 5 minutes of your life reading this nonsense (except the PEP part, that's not nonsense, i do declare!)). You can thank me, like, right now.

You are welcome.

I'm trying my hand at making meat pies tomorrow. Recipe courtesy of *schoolmate* and Spice Baby (because i forgot most of what schoolmate did :). This chic made the best, best, absolute, take me back to Nigeria, meat pies. OMG. Unfortunately, they were spicy. I can't do spicy so after eating two, i had to respect myself and stop. To make up for it, she made a special batch for me and i swear i ended up with about 20 meat pies. I was like, yeah, this should last me until December (this was in October). It barely lasted a week. Don't ask me how. It was just too good and i'm such a fattie, i couldn't resist.

Hope u guys are making use of the list of food blogs i have on this blog. It's not for decorative purposes. Use it! Cook some good food! I plan on taking my cooking skills up 10 notches this break. Key word is *plan*. Might end up not doing much, we'll see.

Please, someone be nice enough to recommend good Nigerian movies for me. My siblings and I spent 4 hours watching Sorrow to Joy. They were not too happy with me because i picked the movie and the ending was wack. I mean, after 4 hours, you expect a decent ending but God forbid, Nollywood ends a movie well. I jokingly told them the actors got tired of acting and demanded the movie be ended. lol. 4 hours for one movie, come on. I don't mind it if the movie ends well, sha. I watched The Phobia the other day and it was decent even though i just wanted it to end already, it was interesting enough for me to stick with all 4 hours of it. Nollywood sha! 



  1. Merry Christmas!! I'm so happy you're on break. I have a fish pie a recipe on my foodblog, you can just swap the content with brown groundbeef to which you wanna add minced onions, parsley, garlic and a couple of maggi cubes. You can also add finely cubed potatoes and mixed veggies. I think the actual dough is the part that people fear the most. Mine are baked for health reasons.

    Absolutely essential knowledge (PEP) to know esp in the decade in which we live.

    A couple of good movies. First of all which kind do you like? The more traditional type or the modern type with sexy babes wearing next to nothing? LOL
    * Jealous Husband (i love that movie!!)
    * Arrangee Mama
    * Widow's Tear
    * Royal Fight
    * Native Son (older but good)
    * The Housekeeper
    * Givers never lack (older but love it!)
    Those are just titles off the top of my head, will try to remember good ones I have watched. If I watch any good ones will let you know.

    PS: I'm not much into these new ones, too much sexiness lol, love scenes, fake american accents and american or london houses and environments. I'm watching african movies because I miss that african environment, accent etc etc. Otherwise I could get on my Netflx, BET or whatever else that wont take me 4 hours to watch and finish.

  2. Thanks, lady. I like d village, traditional movies best. Don't enjoy d fake accent and all of that. Thanks for your recommendations and for d recipe too. Will definitely try it out.

  3. Awww ur sister is so sweet for getting u that. I really wanted to make meat pie this christmas but when i looked at the work of kneading involved I decided to pass.
    There are so many silly movies in nollywood, I still love me some classics though.
    You should definitely watch "keeping faith". It's a really good movie.

  4. “I didn't get a flu shot this year even though we get it for free”... I never get flu shots, I think it’s the Nigerian in me, I always feel like I will somehow get some kind of infection from flu shot (I am weird sha).

    LOL@ Talking to yourself, I do that too. Sometimes I wonder if people see me and think there is something wrong with me. Lol

    Your sister gave you a very expensive present mehnnn... kudos to her
    Good luck with the meatpie 

  5. @9jafoodie: If you get the flu mist instead of the shot, it can make u sick because it's a live attenuated virus. So some people can actually get sick from the flu shot, but most people don't.

  6. Happy Christmas in advance and a marvelous New Year too.

    I see that you're like me when it comes to eating meatpie. I can eat that stuff all day everyday for weeks, lol...

  7. Thank God for loving Sisters.

    I dont think its crazy that you want to read. Trust your instincts. its better to read when the body is freely willing than when 'you have to'.

    Keep the food pics coming. I'll be eating by sight :)


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