Thursday, December 29, 2011

Initiation into "womanhood"

Anyone who knows me knows that i am as low maintenance as they come. When people say women take forever to get ready, i always wondered why. Now i know why. They are all amateur artists who have to paint their faces on. I've never used make-up in my entire 20 odd years on earth. The most i can do is lip gloss which is always bought for me by my sister, so i guess that goes without saying i don't have any interest in that aspect of life.

Anyway, in the interest of growth and development, i decided to try something new in my life. So me and my pseudo tomboy/non-girly make up virgin self decided to pay MAC a visit. I took my sister along as the voice of reason. The plan was to get a natural look that i can whip out if need be. I'm not crazy enough to think that i would be a daily make up wearer. I don't have that kind of time or interest. Did i already say my sister was supposed to be the voice of reason? So what usually happens is you get the make over and you have to purchase at least $50 worth of stuff. I said $50?, no problem, me and my broke self can handle that.

So the lady starts with moisturizer and primer, and i was like this is easy. Then there was cream and powder (if i recall correctly). By the time we got to the eyes, i was lost and am still lost. The end result was great. I wanted a natural look and i got a natural look.

Time: 2hrs
Cost: Way too much!!!!
Lesson learned: My sister is not the voice of reason.

I can't believe i spent that much money on makeup which i know i probably won't use or barely use. My mom was like i should stop stressing. I'm getting older and need to be presenting myself in the way i want to be addressed. Then she threw the marriage thing in there. Don't ask me how, it just landed there somehow. I say, talk true? I see your plans. The make up did not make me look prettier. I looked like myself (a different versions of myself) but with make up on and it made me look like one of my older sisters. It was eerie because i have never thought i looked like her. My sister was like, why are u so surprised, she's your sister! Duh! Ok, thank you.

The lady was nice enough to give me pointers and a drawing of what she did. She told me to go home and practice. I don't see that happening.

Overall, it was a good, expensive experience. Who knows i might end up being a girly girl before i become old and senile. I started wearing dresses last year. Ok, i only wore a dress once this year and i didn't wear a skirt at all if i'm being completely honest but at least i own them, so there's still hope for me. But seriously, it's not easy being a woman o. On top of everything else I have to do, i now have to add artist to the list. My sister cracked me up, when i asked her about how something was applied she was like "It's like painting, it shouldn't be hard for you, cos you know how to draw". Na wa!

My expensive experiment


  1. lol, funny we are in the same boat... or you are a step ahead of me - you went to the store and got tip and bought the stuff. I am still lost as to what to even buy :|

  2. My dear, i wouldn't have known what to buy. I bought what the lady used on me minus the blush because that was the last thing she used and given how expensive that venture was, i decided i could do without it.

    The lady told me the essentials and what i could do without. I ended up buying most of what she used.

  3. Lol. I paid my first visit to the MAC store in my 2x years as well. I, however did not come home with a bag with that much stuff in it. I got one little baggie that shame may not let me bring out tomorrow. I don't think I have the courage yet to attempt to find myself in the world of makeup so when you find the road please, my blog isn't far away, show me ehn biko. Thank you

  4. That is a whole lot of stuff for a fresher at makeup * see me talking like i know anything about it*. Maybe when you remember how to apply makeup to get a natural look and you have the time, you could do a post about it so people like me can learn :)

  5. mayne....u should have got the drug store stuff...especially if you are beginner...but since u already got it...u better utilize it...mac is expensive...and hahaha and that chart...good luck

  6. Haha that's wayyyyyy more products than I purchased after my first MAC makeover. Lol. But MAC is awesome, so I approve (not like you needed my approval).

  7. Looooll, I used to be like you. No skirt, no make-up, no heels., tom-boy to the core. People really don change in this life sha.

    I hope your 'initiation' is a permanent one, lol.

  8. yea...make up could be daunting so I created my own little way of making up yet not spending too much time or too much money!

  9. Lol...totally like me. Okay so my friends killed the majority of my tomboyish ways a long time ago, but makeup still isn't my thing. If you catch me with makeup on, it is surely the work of another, lol.

    I shall be coming by for some lessons *with an overly dramatic voice and expression* You are a true inspiration to those of us without courage to take the first step *fake grateful tears*

    Hehehe, hope your break is going well!

  10. haha, pele dear! I love MAC and have learned to never do a major haul! It hurts my wallet =)

    Happy new year!

  11. The trick is to keep it simple. Foundation (make sure its the right shade) mascara, and lip gloss.
    Happy New year

  12. Make up isn't womanhood jare. Guys are piling it on nowadays you know!!

    My basics are lipstick, brow pencil and liner and powder. Any other make-up depends on my mood or availability :p

    Enjoy your goodies joo. and yes its like painting :)

    Quite a haul. Biko better start using it, and if not plix lemme send you my address.

  14. Interesting read here. I smiled through out because it took me back to the time when i was still experimenting and now a make up pro *side eye* or more like i don't leave the house without it. Trust me, soon and very soon, you would be the one rushing off to MAC shop to get a new set!


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