Saturday, December 31, 2011


My niece, her Granmama and her Terry

The essence of African motherhood

I have never seen two people as close as my niece and my mom. My niece is so attached to my mom, it is crazy. Every other word out of her mouth is, "My granmama". It's an experience whenever my mom goes to work because she spends every second asking for her. Even when my mom is home, as long as she's not within her line of vision, she starts asking for her. It's such a beautiful bond. I love it.

I've decided to stop feeling cool with myself and make new year resolutions. I can't remember the last time i made one because it's supposed to so cliche, but i want to make one this year. The good things 90% of the things on my list are things i already started working on. I don't feel the need to wait until XYZ time to start doing the things i need to do. I remember a co-worker who wanted to go on a diet, eating all kinds of crap before the day she was supposed to start. In my mind, i was like why don't you start today? I'm just going to work it in with the assignment from my therapist friend.

I wanted to end the year with a positive post, not the gloomy one from yesterday, hence this post. I also plan to put up a post tomorrow, but have no clue what it's going to be about at this point. Hope you guys are enjoying the frequent updates because i don't plan to update as frequently as i have been in the past once i go back to school. I'm trying to see if i can get on a schedule once i go back, which includes exercise instead of staring at a computer and books all day, everyday. I know exercise is great for your mental health and it might be a great addition to my life at this point.

So am i going to be the only uncool person making new year resolutions or does anyone want to do the cliche thing with me?

I'm really excited that today is the last day of the year. God is great. I'm so thankful. 

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  1. Great New Year Resolution.

    I have to admit I dont bother with them because my life can be so frantic that plans often get changed.

    If I am pushed to come up with ONE resolution for 2012...It will have to be 'To do less and delegate more'

    Na one life oh!

    Happy New Year

  2. Well since you asked.... Yes, I am enjoying your frequent updates. Also, I will be making New Year's resolutions this year as well, and it will also be the first time in a long time (ever?) since I made any. Exercise is good for you. I thought about working that into my resolutions, but I doubt I will live up to it (I've already tried and failed).

    Happy new year!

  3. I stopped making resolutions a while ago too. I realised that making a long list on Jan 1st is not going to magically change me into an upgraded version of myself. It's a process that takes continued effort.

    I'd say that making resolutions is not a bad idea though, at least you're trying. I probably will focus on only one or two main things this year.

    Happy New Year!

  4. They look so cute! The bond between mother/grandmother and child is a beautiful thing! Cheers to a happier you!

  5. Your niece looks like you right? and golly she looks cute on your mom's back.

    No new year resolutions here well, one for sure 'make sleep a priority'. I'm about to go for a long walk now. maybe by the time i get back, i'll have one or two more.

    I'm worried about Pharm because i haven't heard good things about it...dont believe all you hear. just believe in yourself and God's will for you.

  6. From your blurrry pic and your neice's half face, you and your neice seem to look alike.


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