Friday, December 16, 2011

African Booty Scratchers

Soldiers; used in less than a month

Plane read
*You would think that after all the reading i've had to do, the last thing i would want to do is read...i read to relax. When i take breaks from studying, i read blogs or a magazine. Weird and crazy, i know.

*Bought Roots off amazon for $5.24. (Yes, the price was a great deciding factor in getting the book) Vaguely remember the series from when i was little...Kunta Kinte. I want to know more.

*I have a fascination with African American history. We might look the same but we do not have the same history. In college i took Intro to African American history, The American South, US history (we all have to take that), World history etc etc. History was my favorite course in undergrad besides my Psych classes.

*It's amazing how many (immigrant) Africans have similar/identical stories of the horrible ways they were treated by African Americans when they first came to America. Funny enough, many of us assumed that they would be the group that we would be closer to and they would embrace us because looked alike. WRONG!

*African booty scratcher--- that's supposed to be an insult. There are more stupid ones but can't think of others.

*My bid to understand these people drove me to take classes on them. I wanted to know why? History didn't help me......a lot. Psychology did. In Social psychology, you learn not to stereotype people but deal with people individually. It helped me not hate African Americans.

*99% of any kind of "discrimination or prejudice" I have dealt with since coming to America, have been from African Americans. Sad but true.

*Go back to Africa.....They love this one.

*I almost deleted this blog today. Almost. I have been known to be impulsive. This is my fourth blog.

*Dude who left me those stupid comments for no reason let me know that there are people who read that blog who don't like me.

*It bothered me.

*I don't feel like sharing anymore.

*Going home tomorrow, haven't packed a thing and don't feel like packing. I hate traveling but i love being home. 


  1. TRUE!!!! I remember crying when I first moved here cos of discrimination from black people (I was surprise oh). I remember calling home to tell my people, they were beyond shock calling it madness.Ha well, the one I hear is, you think you are better than us? oh some say they are not African just black ^-^. When I use to have their time I responded by saying what are you? actually we dont want people like you in Africa..ha..

    I dont even have time for that silliness, I just feel sorry for them and the insecurities when they do that..abeg life is too short..

    Sting so I am guessing school went well ey? cool..happy packing..

  2. I wouldn't have believed this before until I travelled to America myself. Living in Germany with 99% white people around me, I feel more welcomed than my experience with black American.
    Wishing you safe journey girl, enjoy your holidays. Still expecting you at AFRICAN BLOGGERS COMMUNITY.

  3. you know you have more supporters than haters....

    About the Afro American experience, i can write tons and tons about the reasons why there are always so aghast about africans, it may be some sort of complex which we africans hold on them, but i do understand the frustration they hold, but its all misguided and they are just a victim of socialization in America.

  4. Impulsive or not stay here o...and please share...there are always people who won't like you...but except you've done something exceedingly wrong...stay YOU!...NO-one can ever please the world

    All those pens in less than a month?...JESUS!... na only you go school o...easy on the wrist that writes those notes o

    As per the African-American hate...that's just too bad...

  5. There would always be people that don't like you whether it be in the blogosphere or the real world. my way of dealing is to let them carry the burden. It's not yours to carry.

    ...My two cents.

  6. And if they read and hate so? that they actually read is a tribute to you...they know you are entertaining!!

    Didnt know about the African-American hate...or didnt know it was that rampant. real pity

  7. omG...walahi, i dont think i will ever understand black americans and their dislike for Afrikans

    took a black history class....mostly AA's and 5 afrikans including me....let me tell u it was physical fights but verbal and indirect attacks...and this was my jnr IN COLLEGE

  8. I used to go through pens like that when I was doing my final exams, I also used to collect them! Don't worry, soon finish. Xxx

  9. Don't delete your blog. Yeah, people read and don't like it but instead of letting them bother you, think of the people who subscribe to your blog because they love reading it (e.g. me!) :)

  10. no! Its my first time here and have read through a load of your posts! Love this blog ...oh and 'african booty scratcher?' what the...?!


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