Sunday, October 16, 2011

Report Card of a Great White Shark

I should just rename this blog Lamentations of a Great White Shark. Don't ask me who the great white shark is, i have no clue where that thought came from. It's 3.28am and all i really want to do is sleep, but alas (i miss ms. Nitty Gritty aka Ibhade, she liked that word), i'm just getting started. As to why i have been disabling comments, only Jehovah knows. My brain has been touching, but we all know that happens from time to time.

Got an exam on Monday, another on Tuesday and another on Monday the 24th. I need a miracle on Elm street on the 24th. Hell, i need a miracle to make it to the 24th. I finally made to time to cook. Made some brown rice, baked fish and mixed veggies and i also went grocery shopping in the pouring rain to get some eggs, yogurt, fruit, juice, croutons, maifun noodles and salad. I'm set for the next week

Monday through Saturday
 It doesn't seem like a lot. I'm doing my best though and really hope it pays off. I need to see some results. I'm bursting my ass here, Lord. Microbiology has put the fear of God in me. It's my Physiology of last semester.

This song has been helping me preserve my sanity. I'm in love with the chorus.


  1. Sorry hon, I dont even know what to say to make you feel better. I am sure it will pay off in the end.

  2. I miss Nitty also. She was unique!

    As for school. I have no words ............just keep your eye on the prize.

  3. hehehehehe who send you to read book? My friend enjoy reading the big books wella! lol....pele, don't worry, just hang in there, you'll def smile at the end of all this.

    as for wanting to know your age LMAO! just simply plain curiosity. Oya pls tell me!

  4. It is well dear and you shall overcome.


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