Monday, October 17, 2011


White chocolate chip/chunk macademia nut cookies. My absolute favorite cookies in the whole wide world :). I love the ones from Subway (which i haven't had since 2009) and there's a particular brand i get from Walmart whenever i buy them. I'm not a big snack person. It doesn't matter from where i get them, i love them any day or any time. But not these :( 

I've been craving these since last Thursday and i finally gave in and left my house with the sole purpose of getting these ones. Too much sugar, too little flour. I considered tossing them (after eating 3) but i figured someone else might like 'em, so i'm taking them with me to school tomorrow. They will surely find a good home in someone else's stomach.  I seem to have lost my sweet tooth. Unbelievable.  Another thing i can't believe i have stopped liking is MEAT. I never, ever thought that day would come. I used to love meat. It was my signature "move". Everyone in my family knows that about me. I was the kid that would get in trouble for pilfering meat from the pot. My mom has punished me on a couple of occasions by giving me a huge bowl of fried beef to finish. The poor woman, i just sat there and ate to my heart's content. On my birthdays, all i would request is meat. I didn't care about jollof rice or fried rice or even cake. I remember eating a whole bush meat my mom bought by myself and begging my sister to say we ate it together cos my mom would have killed me.

I haven't even bought meat since i came back to school in August, but i have eaten it though. Got some from the Nigerian Independence day party i went to and i had a burger at a friend's house. Other than that, i have been meatless and have no desire for the thing. My mom would not believe if i told her. I'm really surprised about it myself cos sometimes the thought of it disgusts me and this actually started last semester. More power to my colon cos it will benefit from my meatless state.

Back to cookies, I absolutely hate Oatmeal Raisin cookies. Like, are you serious? Who invented those things? What's your favorite and least favorite cookie?

In pimple news, the tame looking one, has suddenly grown aggressive. It has doubled in size and looks angry. I'm not sure why because i'm the one who should be angry cos it hijacked my forehead. I've been good and not touched either and they were the last thing on my mind when i went to school today. I had bigger problems.

Exam tomorrow. I'm so sick of doing the readings. It never ends, hence the need to blog. Thankfully, it's ethics. I am not underestimating it by any means but thank God for classmates who do summaries and pass around old tests. I am going to sleep for 2 hours and tackle that baby all night. To say i am tired, is an understatement. I have been popping Tylenol every day like it's candy.

My life is so much FUN! Ha!!!


  1. They make oat meal/raisin cookies fpor special people like me :). I love my cookies with a little bite.

    But then for sugar highs i will do white chocolate or toffee.

    All the best in your exams.

  2. Easy on the Tylenol now!!!

    I can relate to this meat story, makes me wonder how those peeps in Babcock University cope, a meal without meat is just bleh...

  3. Ur sudden meat-phobia is shocking tho. lmao @ur mom's punishment.

    @Pet: BU wasnt too bad bsids they served tofu which is not soo bad too *hidingface*

  4. you're probably off meat because you've had it so much - but then again who knows you may be preggers, i've heard some people going off certain things when this happens ;) Just kidding :p

  5. lol @MsLuffa: Someone is guaranteed to crack me up with their comment on this blog.

    Yes o, i might be pregnant, cos i have also been craving pounded yam and okra soup and just this afternoon, boiled white yam. The only thing is i'm not sure it's with a human baby, most likely path and micro. LOL

  6. @Toinlicious: My sis brought home plenty of those and they taste like spoilt cornedbeef!

  7. I'm not a snack person either, I think thats part of why I've never gained weight since I moved to this country. But I do love Macademian (sp?) cookies too.

    Goodluck on ur exams!!!!

  8. I hope your exam went well.
    Maybe you should consider going vegan if you are not eating meat.


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