Thursday, October 13, 2011


Dinner last night
Chicken with Rice....It tastes just as it looks. You be the judge of that. I could barely stomach the thing, but it was hot and i was hungry and in the library so i swallowed a few bites. I didn't make this mess, it was from a can. I feel like i'm starving half the time. I haven't had time to cook in a while. I'm actually losing weight but this is by force weight loss, not anything i am actively trying to do at this point. Our schedule is so much crazier than last year but some people like it. I don't. It seems like we are ALWAYS studying for one exam or another, with no time in between to decompress plus there's SO much busy work. I'm just taking deep breaths, readjusting my thoughts as needed, holding tightly onto my sanity and emotions and getting by as best as i can.

I'm so looking forward to OCT 29!!! But i feel like i have to rock all my exams this month so i can enjoy it properly so i'm making all efforts to make that happen. I really just want flowers (no red roses), however, i have serious doubts about getting those. One of my guy friends in Naij thinks i'm a weird naija girl for just wanting flowers. I'm sure there are other things i could want if i think hard enough (well, i don't even have to think hard cos i'm a major brokie), but that's what i really want. It would be doubly nice to get them from someone special, but the only special person in my life right now is my 2 year old niece :)

*If u have no clue what's happening on OCT 29, first of all, wag of the finger to you, second of all :) It's the day a super star was born! Yep! True story.
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