Sunday, October 3, 2010


I feel so much better than i have felt (emotionally) in the last month. I'm headed towards baseline and i am so happy and ready for that. I had the most mentally stimulating conversation with someone yesterday. It just made me realize how much i enjoy intellectual people. I'm in like!

I have block 2 exams the whole of next week. I am so tired, all my joints are aching. I have been getting as much rest as possible. This is a never ending rat race. After next week, we have exactly 3 weeks before block 3 exams. Bliss! All the exams are worth approximately the same, so it's not like quizzes and tests which don't count as much. I love my life.

So how have u guys been enjoying October? The month a superstar (MOI) was born! October 29th, yay ah!!! I'm still trying to decide if i want a sweet 16 birthday or not. Last year was my re-21st birthday. I figured i should have a sweet 16 this year. I am of the school of thought that age is just a number so i get to pick and chose what age i want to be :D unless i am filling out a legal document, then i have to break out my "government" age. lol. I can get away with it too, cos i look wayyyyyyy younger than i am. Don't blame me, blame my genes.

Wish me luck, guys. I shall "see" you after October 15th (or earlier). Stay blessed people.


  1. All the best in your block exams. I like the age thing, I dont ecven think about it! People ask me all the time and I am yet to pause before replying :D

  2. All the best with your exams and school in general.

    I pray you pull through.

  3. Good luck in your exams dear and yay, I'm looking forward to birthday too, lol..

  4. Good luck....wish you the best.

  5. I am glad you're all chipper and upbeat.

    All the best on your exams.

  6. Thanks guys. I appreciate the good wishes. I need it too.

  7. Needless to say..
    I moved;
    So, I had to get myself together, (still am)
    Start work at my new office(not been easy)
    Just giving my excuses/reasons for not reaching out.. they sound lame, I know..
    I wish you the best in your exams.. I am praying for you..
    Again, I would call you..
    Love you!

  8. Hi. Thanks for your comment about my interview by Myne. All the best with your studies



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