Friday, October 1, 2010

Do you consider yourself boy-crazy? I mean, it makes for good gist, but how is it affecting you? If you could be with any guy (celeb) who would it be? oya talk o

lol...i actually like this question. No, i definitely don't consider myself boy crazy cos i can go long periods without dealing with any guy. In all honesty, i think the guys are Sting crazy. I've always had more than my fair share of attention from guys considering how introverted i actually am. There's always some dude or dudes hanging around wanting to be with me and i admit i like the attention.
With regards to how it is affecting me, this year has been crazy for me, and i have made some hasty decisions in a bid to find a band aid for my unhappiness. I don't know the impression you guys get from my blog, but i've only really dealt seriously with two guys this year and the second guy was very short lived.
I'm not into celebrities to be honest. I think Majid the Ghanaian actor is cute.


  1. Lol... Im not boy crazy... However ive always liked RMD (Mofe Damijo) ...always have

  2. ill like to think im not boy crazy as per im married etc bt hey i am very well boy crazy i admire them as creaatures physique..etc ill love to dress dem up as dolls and admire them from afar but the minute they get close i loose interest..which i guess is healthy for my marriage lol...admire yemi blaq good actor not handsome but his acting will make u fall in love with him


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