Wednesday, October 13, 2010

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Hello people,

My exams are half way over. I have Biochem on Friday and i'll be done. I have decided to dedicate an evening to updating my blog list that was lost when i switched urls. Massive update. So if u hv a blog and u r not on my blog list, leave a comment, hi, hello, whatever and i can get to ur blog. Pls, pls, pls....make my life easy.

I'm actually happy today. I haven't felt like this is a hot minute so i'm enjoying it. Working hard to make sure it lasts. Off to go bake some Salmon and study Biochem. I can't wait for Friday. I still can't believe i survived 2 blocks without the aid of caffeine or any stimulant. God is good. Still mastering the act of power naps. My 1hr nap turned into 4 yesterday. It went from a nap to full blown sleep where i didn't even hear my two alarms go off. Whatchu gon do? I just got up at 1.46a instead of the 11p i was supposed to get up and continued studying. 

Thank God those Chilean miners where rescued safely. I have been praying for them. Now what do u think would have happened if it was in Naija?


  1. Goodluck on your exam, I know you'll ace it. About the miners, I actually posed a similar question on my fb Well, I think they would have been abandoned since day 1. First, the government will allocate a ridiculous amount of money, like maybe 17 billion naira, to the rescue operation. Then their greedy behinds will share the money and deposit it in their foreign accounts..:D END of STORY!

    As I type, parts of Lagos and Ogun are buried under flood water and little has been done to help the victims :(

  2. All the best in exams.

    If that mining thing happened in Nigeria, probably, we'd have forgotten the "national tragedy" by now.

  3. If this had happened in naija, they would be dead and afterwards, the gov would spend like 17 billion throwing a national burial, flying all flags at half mast and maybe give the departed miners family some money.

  4. This was the same question hubby asked as the 24th person was brought out......their bodies would have began undergoing decomposition by now!...while our govt would spend millions of naira on performing 'befitting' burial ceremonies & erect a monument there & hold several meetings with the deceased families with empty promises! i need to say more?

    Glad u r almost through...take care & goodluck.

  5. Good luck with your exams dear and take care of you.

    ps, share the wealth of these smilies, lol...

  6. If it was Nigeria, they would be dead the first week

  7. All the best tomo darl. God be with you.

    My name's ont the blog list!


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