Friday, January 16, 2009

The Tool Academy

GOD save us from bad boyfriends!

There's this new show on VH1, "The Tool academy". I just stumbled upon it this afternoon. You guys should check it out. It just made me glad that i'm not dealing with boyfriend wahala and all that jazz! God abeg oh!

To those of u who are, in whatever form, i say Pele! Ko!

Thanks to y'all who volunteered to help with the Blogsville Award. Pls email me at so i can have ur email addresses. As soon as this weekend is over (as usual, i'm working like crazy), we'll start planning the thing. With all these brilliant minds working together, i bet it'll be awesome.

Special shout out to Toluwa! You are awesomeness personified. Muah!

P.S Do u know those crazies at my job (lab) did not pay me today?!! Somehow, somehow, they misplaced my timesheet, and my $2 raise was supposed to take effect this pay period. Una see how devil dey find my trouble? Thankfully, they said they'll cut me a check on Wednesday instead of me having to wait until the next pay period. They'd better!


  1. Firrrrrrrrrssssssssstttttttttttt!

    My dear, that tool academy, i watched the first episode, cry hungry me on behalf of some of the girls with the way the men were behaving! Sometimes it is better to be single and have peace of mind.

    Abt ur pay chk, pele oh!

  2. pele o. this hieffers delayed my financial aide too. may god punish them for their wickdeness. Gosh some men are idiots.

  3. i think there's a certain limit of shows a person is allowed to watch on VH1, i think ive passed my limit! Tool academy? no thanks!

    that ur lab pple have too much problem, pele.

  4. off to look for the show........ i think im loving being single

  5. Amen o! may God save us.I'm not into reality show so ill give it a miss!!
    O yeah the award thing sound like a good idea i wolud have loved to get involved but ai've got 4 month to revise 4 years worht of information for my finals! :( Hope it goes well

    new blog I found..

    I hate all VH1 shows...i am with Bumight, there are only soo many i can watch!

  7. tool academy...g's to gents, I love new york...flavour of love....rock of love, tila tequila....

    I feel these shoes kill it for american just shake your head but it does make you feel better that no matter what at least you aint this bad

  8. dont worry, them go pay you your cash.

  9. I hope they rectify the pay situation immediately!

  10. i saw d advert for the show and i was like...OH HELL NO! a bunch of people have decided to make a fool of themselves on tv again. but i like to watch for the laughs...

    thnx for the shout out...awesome? well na u i take resemble!

  11. I just watched that this morning as well. VH1 never ceases to come up with ghetto/sleazy/stupid reality shows. Its amazing what some women will put up with though!
    Meanwhile, they must pay you oh!


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