Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Favorite blogs

Alright people. It's 2009, new year, new things abi? Well, i'm looking for new bloggers, or old bloggers i haven't discovered yet. In the past i used to basically blog hop and find new blogs in the process. Now, i'm kinda of busy with my two jobs and all that jazz and don't spend as much time on my computer like i used to. As a result i just read the blogs on my blog list. A lot of u on my blog list have been misbehaving by not updating regularly and that means i don't have that many blogs to read when i'm on here. I should flog u all for that but i forgive u cos it happened last year.

As much as i love u all (to death :-}), i want new people, GODDAMMIT! I would like anyone (who is inclined) to leave as many blog links as they would like in the comment section. Help a sister out. I know i'm lazy.

I'll start by introducing u to one of my favorite blogs of all time Buchela! I love this blog. She has the most adorable kids. I'm kinda a lurker on that site cos i rarely leave comments, but i'm there regularly. Check it out and don't forget to share ur favorite blogs with me. Oh, and i used to like this blog too. But i got sick of looking at stupid people and i don't go there as much. Besides, there was a blog entry on that blog where a lot of the AFRICAN AMERICANS who visit that site left very racist comments about Africans. It made me very mad. I hate when they do that. It's really very ironic given the nature of the site. Anyhoodle, u can check it out if u like.

I see all u pple oh! You guys better leave a link to ur fave blogs before going to check out my favorite blog. Ah ah! No be so oh!


  1. OH man...I should have gone and looked at the blogs on your list before starting to comment. I'll be back.

  2. fav blog is SolomonSydelle's easier...

    She was the first blog i read!

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  4. Try mine out for size... http://soulsearchpoetry.blogspot.com/ . Inspirational poetry with a difference... It comes with poetic presentaion of a serialized true life story... and it's ongoing.

  5. going to check out d blogs u love will be back

  6. I cant seem to find your blog list before I mention my fave blogs!!

  7. new year new system. I do discover new blogs when I visit a blogger and leave comments. When I see new names, I do check them out. Try that too


  8. Uhm for a bit of diversity I try to read male blogs.



    Yikes! didn't check your blog roll and can't figure out to make them hyperlinks......

    Hope you enjoy them though (if you don't venture there already)

  9. I guess am one of those people that didnt update often. It is easy my sister make i no talk another one.

    How have you been though. Happy new year and may all your dreams come true.

    As per your comment on my blog, I am aware of the risks but weytin no get risk for this life ehn? Better thing no come easy. God help us all.

  10. looking for new bloggers? check out naijagirl's perspective and let me know what you think.

  11. I know whats up with the lazy updaters???

    I enjoy:



  12. happy new year lady!
    wish i could help with the links, but right now, me is too lazy.
    would be back!

  13. Thanks to Standtall, Sirius, Freddie, and K for the blog links.

  14. oh my I make it a duty to discover new blogs and especially Nigerian ones. I will simply keep your blog addy handy and each time I find a new blog, will try to drive the blogger to yours. Hopefully they will oblige and introduce themselves to you.

    Take care with all the busy stuff, my sista. Thanks for sharing a new blog with me!

  15. @ Toluwalase (see, I still know your old name, lol!) shucks. Thanks for the recommendation.

  16. Happy new year!
    First time here, will be back!
    I love www.verastic.com, dunno if you've been there. I also love www.ladyguide.blogspot.com

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  18. http://omoiyaoniya.blogspot.com/


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