Friday, October 18, 2013

What this Crazy Girl Has been up to.....

 Drank copious amounts of herbal tea (caffeine free). I don't know if there are any benefits but i like the taste (fruit flavored) and it has become a nightly ritual that helps me relax before bed. I drink/sip hot tea with a straw! Is that normal? I drink most things with a straw, not sure when or why i picked up that habit.

Did my first rectal exam. I somehow managed to escape it last year but I had a pt with a GI bleed and you can't (or shouldn't) call a GI consult for a GI bleed WITHOUT performing a rectal. Well, i called the consult without one and luckily the GI fellow is someone i worked with in 3rd year so he was nice to Had to go back and do the rectal with my Senior. 

Lost my first patient while in service. A hundred years old. Anyone who lives that long and passes as easily as she did, is blessed. 

Had my first patient go on hospice. I actually talked with the patient about consulting palliative. It's difficult to tell someone they are dying. Thankfully, i wasn't the first one. The patient wasn't agreeable to that initially but eventually agreed. 

Told someone that they are one of the few people i actually dislike in this world. Back stabbing, two faced human being. Told them that too. Crazy thing was, it wasn't a heated discussion because i was in the hospital. I had cut off from this person early last year and didn't have their number on my phone, so when the call came in i answered it. As soon as i heard the person's voices, i was just like "person's name?! abeg, abeg" and hung up. Funny thing is said person and i never had a falling out, i just decided i couldn't have that kind of character in my life. Ever had a "friend' who played both sides, talked out of both sides of their mouth and was thoroughly untrustworthy? This person is one of those. Tufiakwa!

Went pinterest crazy! I have the cutest collection of natural hair kids. 
Med school 

Follow/Find me on Pinterest. Don't dull yourself. There's something for everyone. It's just fun. I was sitting there pinning, while we were running our patient list after rounds. The senior resident was behind me and could most likely see what i was doing on my iPad, but since i was post call and writing down what he was saying, i figured he'll be fine. We'll see when i get my feedback tomorrow.

What have you been up to? If it's bad thing.....I don't want to know now. We can talk about it when you come for confession ;)

I'm offically resuming the weight loss challenge Nov 1st. Time to get these last 10lbs off and get some muscles and a wash board ab in my life.

Lastly, i just realised i never updated my bloglist after i went on a deleting spree when my brain was touching earlier this year and i wanted to stop blogging/decrease the traffic to this blog. I added a few blogs tonight, Nutty Jay, Sugabelly, Original Mgbeke.....I didn't even realize they were no longer on my blog list. Anyhoodle, let me know if you want me to add you. Just leave a comment. 


  1. blessings...
    sounds like you doing well coping with life.
    Sometimes people are like cancers to us, our being and we have to do inventory and chemotherapy to get them out of ourselves/system. Can't apologize for that, it is what it is and what has to be done must be done.


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  3. I always get criticised for cutting off people completely, but I've noticed keeping my circle small has given me peace of mind. Life is too short to worry constantly about keeping back stabbing friends happy at the detriment of your own peace jare.

    PS: yes please add me :)

  4. I must be the only one not all about pinterest. I really try to like but it's just not working.

  5. Whilst its a good idea to keep that friend at arms length, remember to forgive what he/she has done ooooo

    Pinterest? been hearing about it... donno mehnnnn, too much social media these days

  6. Pintrest is really cool! Yes forgive her.. but keep her at an arms length.. people need to realise they cant always get away with being horrible!

    PS: congrats on all your firsts, i know there are not all good news.. or pleasant.. but joys of a doctor eh... when my husband gets back home from work and offers to tell me the gory bits of his day at work with his patients.. lol i say no thank you! you na dey try.


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