Sunday, October 13, 2013

Oct 29

Come o......

My birthday is exactly 16 days from today.  What are you guys getting me? I feel like i have been in a war zone this year and i would like a care package. Also, a sugar boy to go with that will not be a bad idea. Unfortunately, i am on call that day - 28hr call. I tried to get that day off but was shut down really fast. Oh wells...... Whatchugondo?

I'm not playing. This year, i expect gifts in cash and kind and hot dudes! Just saying. Now get to work fulfilling that order. In case you are wondering i turn 55 this year. I'm a young at heart, fine girl, no pimples just dimples, simples. Actually i don't have dimples but my mom and nieces do. Jelly, jelly.


  1. Expect a sugar boy it a red bow tie around his neck. buff as not mike, dont be silly, bedford. yea buff as tyson bedford anyway u dont need am ambulance, i would have said make sure u have the number on speed dial. ha ha. omo u go admit urself. happy birthday in advance have a 55? really?

  2. Well can we get an address or at least p.o box to send this sugar boy to or at least a card :-)?? Happy birthday in advance

  3. hahahahhahah....What do you need a sugar boy for, ma?!

  4. Lmao Sugarboy sounds all kindsa yummy though.

    Happy birthday in advance jare

  5. Yay, I'm October 28..I just want focus T25 and a polar watch for my birthday.

  6. Buhahhaha! Your wish list is hilarious! 28hour call? Wow!


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