Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Doctor RunAway

Hell - I don't know why people think that you have to die to go to hell. Hmm! Okay!!!!

I don't really talk much about med school here, do i? So let me share a little bit. I started my sub Internship in Medicine today.  *deep breath* It's going to be a LONG month! I pretty much have to assume the role of an intern. No more piggy backing on the intern or senior resident. I see the patient and come up with the plan all on my own. Funny how my patient was a sickle cell patient. Even though i have never managed one, i thought i had it down. Story!

My senior took pity on me, or rather took pity on himself because by 630p, he told me i could go home to finish my note and he will sign out for me. I didn't wait to ask if he was sure. I still don't know 50% of what is going on right now with this patient. If it was just sickle cell pain crisis, it would have been good but no o! No! How did i end  up here? My attending likes to pimp too.

Forget about packing lunch, it's lunch and dinner and maybe breakfast sef. Talk about a steep learning curve. I just have to learn to be more efficient plus beg my brain to work in the morning and pay attention when people talk. I haven't done inpatient medicine since last december and i haven't rotated at this hospital since June for Surgery. Today was hell! I actually teared up at one point cos i pended my note and for the life of me could not pull it up to edit it. It get going to a different place. It was already 6pm at this point and I was so tempted to pack my things and go home never to return. Like, just quit and be done with this whole medicine business.

I hate med school i swear and often wonder how i ended up here. I'm not even kidding. If i knew things were going to be like this,  i would never have started. It's not worth the toll it has taken on my life and no, i'm not just having a bad day. It's wayyyyyyyyyyyy beyond that.

A sensible person would be asleep right now cos i have to wake up really early to get there on time and get my act together before rounds.


For any misguided person out there who is considering medicine, come here let me draw your ear....If you have something else that you are considering besides medicine and you are not sure which one to chose, CHOSE THE OTHER OPTION!!!!

I always wanted to be a doctor, since i was 6 freaking years old and i NEVER changed my mind. Tell me that's not a curse. Someone cursed me and i intend to find out who!

Maybe i should visit TB Joshua after all.


  1. Awwwww, sorry dear.. pele, ndo.. You will survive by God's grace
    LOL @end.. Deliverance sumtins

  2. I am very much tempted to laugh....but I guess that's not even remotely close to what you want to see...... Stingologo! U got this!

  3. lol...I am actually laughing at you dearie. Its not an easy choice you made, but hey, You couldn't have made it this far without determination. Just hang in there buddy. Before long, you'd look back and have a really good laugh at this period in your life. But for real, You've got this. Just remember that and you'll pull through in Jesus name.

  4. awwwwww... it is not easy but i hear it is always worth it... i know of more engineers that have changed careers than doctors.. so maybe.. just maybe it is just this rotation that is taking its toll. hopefulyl it will pass soon.

  5. This just reminds of my uni days too, we used to be soo miserable,when all our other friends where on hols, we are in school studying,craming, trying to meet up seeing the required number of patients for that semester. 6 years of school, say 7 plus asuu and all.Ask me how far now?
    Got married, relocated to yankee, oh guess what ?all that was a waste,not recognized,I have to go back to school, with 3 kids and running a home and working full time too.
    All I can say is, if people have done it then you can do it. That's what keeps me going most times. I just have to believe in myself more than I ever had cos its really hard. So hang in there dear . just try your best, that's all you can do.
    At least no be person send you, if say na your parents force you nko?
    I've made up my mind that anything my kid decides to do, let them do . This life no get head sometimes, you just never know
    * I don't know if i ended up venting or encouraging you,anyhow just take am like that. Dooh

    1. Did you study dentistry? Cos pharm and med, you don't have to go back to school, just pass the exams.

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  7. It is like a woman about to give birth and she wonders when the pain would ever stop (no epidural given), until she is presented with her bundle of joy for all her pains. Your doctorate degree certificate would be your bundle of joy at the end of the labor pain. Remember, no pain, no gain! And learn to lean on the shoulder of our creator, maker and finisher of our faith CHRIST.

  8. Pele,
    I wish I could say it gets easier but I have no experience to back it up. I will however say that God gives you what he knows you can bear. :-)
    Would love to keep this post so I can show you in 10yrs. Thats if your still blogging in 10yrs...

  9. Is it too late to offer you a bear hug? Like 10 minutes long hug o

    I know you'd want to slap me for this but girl, you've got this ((((()))))

    1. Nah...I don't want to slap you, i appreciate the support. Thanks. I need all the hugs i can get.


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