Sunday, September 8, 2013

New Blog.....

......i like

I read a couple of her older posts
They reminded me of when i first came here
How i suddenly had an "accent"
Not wanting to talk because i didn't want to have to repeat myself
 etc etc

It's amazing!!
Perfect example of a shared human experience. 
Everyone likes to think they are unique and different
which may be true
But people are more similar than different


  1. ohhh Ok was thinkinh it was you who had a new blog or something..

    ermmm..thats not u actually disguising on us eh?? lol.. or is it??

    how u been tho...been a bit..

  2. Ooooh, thanks for sharing this! My Sting!!! How have you been?????????????? I am meezing youuuuuu

  3. I like her blog also.

  4. Thanks so much Ms. sting. It's so amazing when bloggers acknowledge each other!!


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