Friday, July 12, 2013

Help me Jah Jehovah Armageddon

 Howdy Children of Men, How the go dey go?

 I don't like post call days cos i always feel off. Yesterday was pretty much the best call night i have had in a while. Not a single patient on labor and delivery (for me). There was one lady who came in at 8pm and my partner got her. She delivered at 4am. So the whole night i did nothing, but i couldn't really sleep because there's always that expectation that you could get paged and it doesn't make for a restful sleep. Plus i was relegated to the couch cos the other call room hadn't been cleaned from the previous night and i let my partner have the clean call room. I have to be comfortable to sleep, so call days are generally not good for me and sleep. I managed to get a couple hours of sleep so i don't feel so tired.

Then I got into a heated exchange with a fellow student over our schedule for next week right before i left. OMG! As bad as it was with my partner on my last rotation, we were able to keep it civil. I was blindsided this morning by this guy and how angry he was at me over me going to clinic on Wednesday because he wanted to go. He NEVER said anything, i would have been okay staying back to study, but he didn't say anything, now he's upset because i mentioned i would like to go to clinic at least once next week. I don't know how to keep quiet and let anyone walk over me or talk down to me for no good reason. It's not going to happen, so i made sure to tell everyone in the room not to go off on me for no reason, life doesn't work that way. If i was dealing with residents and attendings who i have to take whatever they chose to throw at me for the most part, that's a different story. I would prefer to do without these kind of interactions though, so I need to figure out a better way to handle guys who are PMSing.

Anyhoo, Madams and Sirs, do you guys know i am on instagram? What?! You didn't?!  I think i mentioned it recently. I actually have 7 pictures up, which is 7 more than i had a month ago. I am on a I have had the account since last year, but i only followed 2 people, Banky W. and Dr. Sushi and i never got into instagram. I hardly ever went there until last month when i was bored and i decided to follow all the people i watch on youtube and then certain celebs. I was like woah, this is cool, a different type of outlet for an Amebo Connoisseur (whatever that means) like me.

So find me on instagram: Nigerianscorpio

Oh.....................! I have gotten to see some blogger's faces, that's a bonus :) Maybe you might get to see mine, who knows?!

I have got shit to do. Why do i cuss so much? Jesus Christ, the devil is after my life. I need to put my "fine" writing skills to work and come up with a personal statement sometime soon.

Who wants to manage my life? I need help. It's so overwhelming right now.

P.S Check out our Naija Fatbusters blog. You can always email me if you want to join the challenge or post to the blog. Send your email address and i will send you an invite to become an author on the blog. Easy peezy.  When we started in April, i weighed 164lbs and today i weigh 150lbs. We have two more weeks to go for this round, hoping to be 148lbs by the 29th of July. It has definitely helped me stay disciplined.

Next round starts August 5th!


  1. Lol so what do you post on IG if you are anonymous? lol I should go check it out. And reading your gist about the doctor life i always imagine you in greys anatomy scene as I read your posts. Lol!

  2. i want to see your face! i'm following you now


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