Tuesday, July 2, 2013


Also known as Die lemma. I've been working on my CV since i got home today over 4 hours ago. I think one of my main hobbies right now is blogging. I would like to include it in my CV but i don't think this blog is meant for "professional" consumption. LOL.

Not sure what to do because i have to send my CV in tonight. I am meeting with the Dean who's is going to write my Dean's letter on Friday. Someone said if i wasn't ready to talk about or disclose this blog, i shouldn't mention it at all. It makes perfect sense BUT it has been such a huge part of my life before med school and throughout med school. I am really interested in food photography and have a lot of food pictures which i started uploading on a blog sometime ago, but i am waiting on a decent camera to really get into that.

What should i do? Include or omit blogging from my CV?


  1. I do have to agree, if you don't want to disclose it then maybe it shouldn't be included. I remember adding "blogging" under the "interests" in my CV though....not sure if it impacted anything though.

  2. Include it. Don't include the address but say a line or two about this personal blog that has been a huge part of your life.

  3. I would say omit it, or are you ready to disclose this blog?

  4. I would say omit. Cause you've talked about your rotas/consultants here and its a mostly personal blog.

  5. I was thinking i could talk about blogging in general without disclosing the blog. I sent my CV in already, but i will talk to the Dean and ask his opinion when i see him on Friday.

  6. double sided question/answer...

    If you include it:
    Some HR will ask for the address or search for it themselves. I know mine did. You also have to be prepared to ask why you are anonymous and if the ask for a sample of such... (YOu have a few venting sessions that are prob not appropriate for job searches).

    IF you exclude it:
    I dont have blogging on my cv persay but I'm not anonymous... Under hobbies I list creative writing and use that as a point in interviews and conversation. That way I can tailor the meaning according to the audience/interviewer.


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